WALDERN, Gordon Charles


rank: Sgt
status: kia
airforce: RAF    (no: R60669 )
born: 1920-06-25 Lacombe Canada

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Gordon Charles Waldern joined 92 Squadron on 6/05/1941

This pilot flew Spitfire fighter aircraft for the RCAF / RAF (60% of all RCAF personnel served in RAF units at some point) in WWII, this record has come from the database of Mr. Halliday, a Canadian military historian.

This Pilot's entry: cause of death was unknown, burial location Runnymede Memorial, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission ( may have more information on family.

Sgt Waldern crashed W3253 Central Provinces Behar V1 on 8th July on a squadron sweep. The aircraft was taken away for repair and on the following day he took charge of W3403 “The Dogs Fighter” damaging a BF 109. Then on 10th July he took off from Hawkinge at 12:25 to help escort Sterling’s to Chocques. “Two of the 92 Squadron which landed at Hawkinge took off and were immediately vectored towards fifteen Bf 109s which promptly bounced them. Sgt Gordon Waldern dived, weaving all the time, but when he was eight miles north of Manston, a cannon shell exploded in his cockpit, blowing away the control column and damaging the glycol tank. With difficulty he baled out and was rescued after nearly five hours in his dinghy (Waldern rejoined his squadron four days later). Source: Air War Archive “Messerschmitt BF 109, The Latter Years”

On 19th July he flew W3326 Mesopotamia escorting Stirlings to Lille but failed to return. His body was never recovered and was presumed killed.


Squadrons add
RAF 92 Squadron 1941-05-06


W3253 Central Provinces Behar 1941-07-08
W3403 The Dogs Fighter 1941-07-10
W3326 1941-07-19


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