Spitfire BM158


model: Vb
factory: CBAF
engine: M46


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39MU Starveall Farm 9-3-42 81S 'FL-Y' 17-5-42 ros 27-5-42 341S 10-11-42 350S 23-7-43 501S 11-1-44 FAAC 20-3-44 ros 63S 17-5-44 58OTU 22-3-45 to 5375M 18-7-45 5SoTT 29-11-45 SOC

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Name Date Rank Status
Bubes T 1942‑05‑27 Sgt ok
Lowery L 1942‑08‑01 Sgt
Husband D F 1942‑08‑01 F/Sgt
Husband D F 1942‑08‑03 F/Sgt
Parker V C 1942‑08‑04 F/O kifa
Manak J 1942‑08‑05 S/L ok
Parker V C 1942‑08‑05 F/O kifa
Husband D F 1942‑08‑05 F/Sgt
Husband D F 1942‑08‑07 F/Sgt
Bullion G R 1942‑08‑09 P/O kia
Husband D F 1942‑08‑09 F/Sgt
Husband D F 1942‑08‑10 F/Sgt
Husband D F 1942‑08‑11 F/Sgt
Bullion G R 1942‑08‑11 P/O kia
Husband D F 1942‑08‑12 F/Sgt
Lowery L 1942‑08‑12 Sgt
Baker J R 1942‑08‑13 Sgt
Husband D F 1942‑08‑14 F/Sgt
Husband D F 1942‑08‑15 F/Sgt
Lowery L 1942‑08‑17 Sgt
Anson P J 1942‑08‑18 P/O ok
Lowery L 1942‑08‑18 Sgt
Anson P J 1942‑08‑19 P/O ok
Parker V C 1942‑08‑20 F/O kifa
Bedford L G 1942‑08‑21 F/L ok
Baker J R 1942‑08‑22 Sgt
Chandler J R 1942‑08‑22 P/O ok
Husband D F 1942‑08‑24 F/Sgt
Husband D F 1942‑08‑26 F/Sgt
Large W S 2042‑08‑05 F/O kia
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by: Peter Phelps Fatal mid-air collision 2016-11-13 19:53:48

On 27th May 1942, flown by Sgt Tadeusz Bubes (Polish), BM158 collided with BM467, FL-T, flown by P/O Robert Woodhead during mock combat training with cine gun cameras. P/O Woodhead crashed near Southend, fatally. Sgt. Bubes in his damaged Spitfire, with almost complete loss of aileron control managed to bring his aircraft back to base.