Spitfire EN664


model: PRXI
factory: CHA
engine: M63


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FF 19-6-43 Benson 24-6-43 541S 26-7-43 VASM 24-9-43 univ camera install 106Grp Wastage Pl 18-6-44 542S 23-9-44 HAL 5-4-45 recat E SOC 17-9-45

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Name Date Rank Status
BENDIXSEN, J 0000‑00‑00 F/L ok
SHAWYER, H K 1943‑07‑28 F/O ok
POLLARD, D 1943‑09‑04 P/O kia
GLOVER, A 1943‑09‑08 P/O ok
BURNIAT, P G 1943‑10‑04 P/O ok
HERBERT, H T 1943‑10‑19 P/O ok
PLATTS, G 1943‑10‑21 F/L kia
MACLEAN, R O 1943‑10‑28 F/O kia
BONNAR, N J 1943‑11‑16 F/L kifa
SCARGILL, L H 1943‑11‑23 F/L ok
CAMPBELL, R M 1943‑12‑27 F/O ok
ROWBOTHAM, J N 1944‑01‑07 F/Sgt kia
GRAVENSTEDE, D J 1944‑04‑09 P/O ok
BENDIXSEN, J 1944‑04‑22 F/L ok
SHELMERDINE, J H 1944‑06‑05 F/L ok
GRIFFITHS, W S 1944‑06‑10 F/O kia
KEMP-LEWIS, R H 1944‑06‑12 F/L ok
LAVENDER, J 1944‑06‑14 P/O ok
MOUZON, LJ 1944‑07‑23 P/O ok
LOTT, A MK 1944‑08‑04 F/L ok
HILL, D G 1944‑08‑04 Sgt ok
WHALEY, N P 1944‑08‑06 F/L kia
MACKIE, R E 1944‑08‑07 F/O ok
GREEN, L A 1944‑08‑09 F/L ok
GARVEY, R F C 1944‑08‑18 F/L ok
ARNOLD, C K 1944‑09‑01 F/O ok
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by: John R. Bendixsen Spitfire EN664 2015-11-06 00:28:04

Photo taken of John Bendixsen in Spitfire EN664, "Brenda", by squadron mate.