Spitfire EP171


model: Vb
factory: CBAF
engine: M45M


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9MU 3-6-42 308S 8-7-42 340S 28-9-43 485S 11-11-43 VASM 17-3-44 fuel syst and Basta mods FRU 16-3-44 ? 276S 2-11-44 SOC 29-11-45

* for acronyms please see Spitfire Production

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Name Date Rank Status
MCKAY, H 1944‑09‑29 P/O unknown
FLOYD, R J 1944‑10‑09 F/L kia
BUSHEN, H 1944‑10‑10 F/O ok
HANCORN, C P 1944‑10‑11 F/L unknown
LAMB, R E 1944‑10‑15 F/L ok
EWENS, L C 1944‑10‑31 F/O ok
DECHAMPS, P N 1944‑11‑18 F/L unknown
GODBOLT, I A 1944‑11‑21 W/O unknown
CAMERON, G M 1944‑11‑26 F/S unknown
GRIFFITHS, C 1944‑12‑07 F/L unknown
MITCHELL, D 1944‑12‑18 W/O unknown
WALKINGTON, G G 1944‑12‑26 F/O unknown
BRUCE, E 1945‑01‑25 P/O ok
SHERWOOD, A A 1945‑02‑21 F/L unknown
BUTTERFIELD, K S 1945‑03‑02 F/O ok
HUNT, A 1945‑03‑05 P/O unknown
CHAPPELL, J 1945‑03‑19 F/O unknown
DENSTON, F E 1945‑03‑30 F/O unknown
MACDONALD, N 1945‑04‑02 P/O kia
DICKSON, I 1945‑04‑17 P/O ok
MERCER, D L 1945‑05‑04 F/L unknown
WALLACE, D 1945‑05‑07 W/O unknown
BARKER, W C 1945‑05‑10 F/O ok
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