Spitfire JF781


model: LFVIII
factory: EA
engine: M66


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FF 22-7-43 12MU 26-7-43 82MU 4-8-43 Fort Thompson 15-8-43 Casablanca 1-9-43 NAfrica 30-11-43 237S 417S Abandoned after control lost 3m NW of Rimini CE 27-12-44

* for acronyms please see Spitfire Production

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Name Date Rank Status
Burgess W L 1944‑08‑01 F/O ok
Shannon R A 1944‑08‑01 P/O kia
Baxter L J 1944‑08‑02 WO2 kia
McKay D H A 1944‑08‑03 P/O ok
Nowak C J 1944‑08‑07 F/O kia
Hart J P J 1944‑08‑08 P/O ok
Horter G M 1944‑08‑18 W/O unknown
McNally J A H 1944‑08‑23 F/O kia
Curtis K R 1944‑08‑31 F/O ok
Goldberg D 1944‑09‑02 S/L ok
McWilliams A F 1944‑09‑02 F/O unknown
Walton J M 1944‑09‑05 P/O ok
McElhanney T P 1944‑09‑05 F/L
LaJeune J R 1944‑09‑06 F/O
Hayden B J 1944‑09‑20 P/O ok
Richards L W 1944‑09‑25 P/O ok
Gibson A D 1944‑09‑30 P/O ok
Jewitt W G 1944‑10‑02 F/O ok
Marshall S A 1944‑10‑11 P/O ok
Langford G C 1944‑10‑31 F/O ok
Helmer G J 1944‑10‑31 F/O ok
Rideout R W 1944‑11‑07 W/O kia
Ashley R J 1944‑11‑09 P/O kia
Herron V A 1944‑11‑19 P/O ok
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