Spitfire NH341


model: LFIX
factory: CBAF
engine: M66


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8MU 28-4-44 Miles Aircraft 17-5-44 mods 411S 22-6-44 Shot down by Fw190s and abandoned SE of Caen 2-7-44

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Tommy Vance F/O ok
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by: kurtis two 2017-08-24 04:07:51

this aircraft was responsible for shooting down two Messerschmitt 109s

by: kurtis from the aerolegends website 2017-08-24 17:41:01

excerpt is credit who converted this aircraft to a two seater so that others can fly in a spit ...

Spitfire NH341 was built at Castle Bromwich as a Spitfire Low Level Fighter (LFIXE) and delivered to 8 MU on the 28th April 1944. It was sent to Miles Aircraft for modifications to be fitted before delivery to 411 (Grizzly Bear) squadron RCAF on 22nd June 1944. This was the only squadron NH341 served with and was flown by several pilots. On the 29th June 1944, NH341 downed an ME109 five miles West of Caen. NH341 destroyed a BF109 on the evening of 30th June 1944 over Thury Hurcourt. However, by the 2nd July NH341 had been lost. Warrant Officer James "Jimmy" Jeffrey 411 Squadron - was flying a morning patrol in NH341 on the 2nd July 1944 when he was engaged by FW190's of JG26 South-East of Caen. W/O Jeffrey was shot down, but he baled out and successfully evaded capture, returning in late August. Read his amazing story HERE
The Aero Legends Spitfire NH341 Code DB-E is being restored and converted to a dual cockpit T9 version by the experts at Historic Flying Ltd (HFL), Duxford. Follow the restoration of our Mk IX Spitfire NH341 on our Aero Legends restoration blog