Spitfire PL194


model: HFIX
factory: CBAF
engine: M70


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8MU 12-6-44 124S CAC ops 5-1-45 287S 19-7-45 sold Argentine AF 1-9-47 codes LV-NMZ VA serviced 170gal overload tank install plus 2x20gal in wings Total fuel 428gal 29-4-47 flown by Capt J Storey Hurn to Gibraltar 5-5-47 Dakar to Natal Natal to Buenos Aires

* for acronyms please see Spitfire Production

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Name Date Rank Status
Caulton J J 1945‑08‑14 F/O ok
Caulton J J 1945‑08‑30 F/O ok
Caulton J J 1945‑09‑28 F/O ok
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by: Fernando Correction about PL194 info 2018-12-22 19:46:56

Data for PL194 is not correct for this plane. See PL-972

by: Fernando Supermarine Spitfire HFIXe PL194 2018-12-22 20:01:40

Supermarine Spitfire HFIX
1) Castle Bromwich Aircraft Factory, Warwickshire, contract B981687/39.
2) Type 361 HF-IXe with RR Merlin 70.
3) to RAF: PL194
4) 8 MU, Little Rlsslngton, Gloucestershire 12-06-44.
5) 124 Sqn, Manston, Kent, CAC ops Flt Lt Andrew Charlesworth. 05-01-45.
6) Was hit by Spitfire PL261 at Ursel, Belgium, 05-01-45.
7) 287 Sqn, 19-07-45.
8) British gift to Argentina Government 01-09-47 with Hawker Hurrican KW905.
9) In exhibition at "Exposición Aeronáutica" 1947.
10) to Air Force School, Córdoba.
11) Scrapped 1950.


by: Fernando 2018-12-22 20:03:37

This airplane mantained RAF scheme and colors (wings), with argentine colors added to wings and tail

by: Fernando Correction to my last post 2018-12-26 07:01:29

This airplane mantained RAF scheme and colors (wings), with argentine colors added to fuselage and tail