RAF 100 Years Celebrations 2018


Many of know or at least may have heard that the RAF celebrates it's 100 year centenary in 2018. In fact, the official anniversary is today, April 1, which also happens to be Easter Sunday. If you are a UK resident or visitor this spring or summer 2018, there are many celebrations and events to take part-in; some with flying displays, some strictly planted on (or in) the ground. The RAF has protected the skies of Britain for 100 years and continues to do so, perhaps it's finest moment was the Battle of Britain where the Spitfire and Hurricane were the RAF's answer.

Here's a wonderful link to help you sort through the RAF 100 events, and, if you feel there are some must-see events, particularly those with a Spitfire flypast, don't hesitate to add a comment and / or use the contact us at the bottom of this page.

RAF 100 what's on.

... and for those who want to read about a couple of former Spitfire pilots who are themselves as old as the RAF one of which who took to the skies on April 1, check this link out.

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