See the Pilots who flew Serial JF692


One thing that's been impressive over the years, is to see the pilot roster filled in for certain Spitfires. A user can enter Spitfire serials on a pilot's page, and, when this done for many pilots, the history fills in. Some of our users tend to focus squadron by squadron, airforce (e.g. "desert airforce") or campaign / date range. When that happens, we start to see particular aircraft patterns. For example, have a look at Spitfire JF692.

You can see a long list of 92 squadron pilots who flew this aircraft. As I've mentioned before, it's often important to a relative we've been in touch with to find out more about squadron or wing mates, other airmen that a father or grand-father may have flown with. By researching their stories, they are researching common experiences their own father / grand-father / uncle may have experienced in battle or just day to day life. By reading the list of other's that flew the same Spitfire, then linking to those pilot pages from the aircraft page, stories start to tie together. Of course it's a bit ad-hoc, one user from South Africa (SAAF) could fill in some detail, another in Canada or the UK could add another. But now they are linked, via the Spitfire serial number and one can add images for the Spitfire on the Spitfire page as well, as many users have done.

Are there other features you'd like to see us add -- just leave a comment below.

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