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Picking up a t-shirt not only helps us cover hosting costs, but, supports the real mission of the site, to gather and collect Spitfire pilot stories and operational details, while keeping the site up and running, and, free for all to use. If you've enjoyed a few reads on the site, or believe in what we are doing, please consider a t-shirt purchase.

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This site has a number of volunteer editors, enthusiasts, and, relatives adding pilots, it's like a wiki -- so we rely on your support. A t-shirt is a great way to do that and I hope the designs by Dave O'Malley of Aerographics in Ottawa, Canada (also graciously donated) will be well received, thanks Dave! All software development for this site was also donated, so our goal is to cover hosting and upgrade costs that software needs from time to time.

The t-shirt showing a pilot is that of Arnold Walter Roseland, who's story was added by Dave to with gripping ferocity. The Roseland Spitfire is flown today by Vintage Wings in tribute to this brave Canadian pilot who gave his life in a fierce dogfight over the skies of Normandy.

See our t-shirts at our ETSY shop (about $10 a shirt comes back to us which helps us with hosting and our own operations / tech support). Thanks for your support.

Thanks and see you soon in the UK! Sept 11 at the Dolphin and Anchor Pub in Chichester at 7 p.m., come say hi at a pub where the Tangmere airmen used to gather in WWII. Some Spitfire glasses to give away and maybe a few t-shirts too after Ron Powell, RAF pilot, gives his account of the pilots of the Battle of Britain!

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