Mysteries and Complete Pilot Stories Feature Added


We've added a new feature or two for our two chief editors to help identify both 'great reads' and 'unsolved' (and then solved) mysteries.

Any reader can visit the Pilots page and click one of these, i.e. to check out what we consider 'complete' pilot bios, with a good read, i.e. a description of this pilot's exploits, accompanied by images, and, squadron and aircraft serial identifiers. We'll update these time to time, so check back for some great reads. Or contact us (bottom of this site has link for that) to let us know about a great read you think we should add to the list.

We thought this would be a useful feature since many of our pilot entries get started with stubs of information, then, get filled in over time. Often by family members with new information, then backed up with research by editor Kevin Charles, son of Spitfire Pilot Alan Charles. Kevin seems to be taken with great stretches of research and deep dives into the online ORBs during lengthy cricket matches.

Another new feature is the 'mystery' (and solved) buttons. From time to time we'll identify a pilot bio/page as having an unanswered question. Perhaps you can jump in and clarify or assist. And when the question or mystery is solved, we'll mark it that way, and we'll figure out a way to (coming soon) also show a list of recently solved questions. For now, We will identify mysteries needing clarification so keep an eye out on that list. You can also contact us if you think there is a mystery to be solved, and we'll mark that pilot's page as such. Or just add the question to the pilot page (or Spitfire) page comments, we'll likely see it soon enough and curiosity will get the better of us. Got the answer or suggestions? Throw that in the comments as well. You might get promoted.

Lastly, although it's still under development, is the "honour roll". The intent will be to allow us to feature a pilot on behalf of family or a follower of this pilot's page. We haven't worked out all the mechanisms for that list yet, it's under development. A great way to feature and leave a lasting tribute to this pilot, with a donor note. A small donation to place a pilot in our honour roll would assist us as a way of helping cover our monthly hosting costs.

Stay tuned as these features evolve, and, as always, thanks for reading, adding pilot info, and associated aircraft info. There is so much information pouring in from around the world, it's made this a very vibrant project and tribute.

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by: John R. Bendixsen Love this photo 2022-08-25 20:46:12

hat's my father, John Bendixsen, sitting on the top of the Spit. To his right, I think, is Bob Mackie.

Recently identified by Michael Prendergast, Curator, Ethos and Heritage Facility RAF Benson, is Keith Campbell, standing on the wheel chock just below the last engine exhaust.

Still not sure of who the other pilots in this photo are.

I have another copy of this photo that is a bit better. I rescanned it at higher resolution. If you'd like, I'll send it along.