BARY, Ronald Edward


rank: W/C
status: kia
airforce: RNZAF    (no: 41818 )
born: 1915-06-09 New Plymouth New Zealand

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Bary, Ronald Edward DSO DFC - KIA 12 April 1945
92 Sqn

Son of Edward and Gladwys Muriel Bary of Palmerston North Wellington New Zealand;
husband of Doreen Mary Bary of Christchurch Canterbury New Zealand"

"Close bombing support NE of Imola, Italy

244 Wing, RAF (Bellária, Italy - Desert Air Force, Mediterranean Allied Tactical Air Force)
Spitfire LF.VIII MT685 - took off at 1143 leading two 92 Sqn Spitfires. Over the target (at map ref [M] X 683664) at 1215 the pilot instructed the others to circle overhead while he dived and marked. As he passed through 4000-5000 feet one of his bombs blew up and the fighter disintegrated. He is buried at Faenza. It was assumed that one of the 500lb bombs exploded prematurely, either while still attached to the aircraft or immediately upon release, there being no evidence of flak in the area at the time. Another 92 Sqn Spitfire had suffered a similar fate only 24 hours earlier.

Pilot: 41818 Wg Cdr Ronald Edward BARY, DSO DFC mid, RAF - Age 29. 1540hrs. 370th op.

Bary had previously served with 229, 274 250 and 80 Sqns, and 239 Wing, RAF.

His appointment to 80 Sqn was as commanding officer, and he had been commanding 244 Wing since 22 December 1944. "

From the 417 Squadron ORB
12th April 1945

Four aircraft led by W/C Bary in his own aircraft went on a Rover mission. Couldn't contact Rover Tom or Rover Paddy. Leader called Commander. He got in touch with Rover Tom and Rover Paddy but section still was unable to contact them Commander instructed section to bomb alternative target which was 3 guns at M22683664. Section circled while leader went down to mark target. Halfway down in dive leader's aircraft exploded in flames. A/C disintegrated into small pieces with much flame and black smoke. Red 3 took over and circled but could see no parachute.


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RAF 229
RAF 274
RAF 250
RAF 80
RAF 92
RCAF 417 1945-03-30
RAF 145 1945-01-04


MT664 1945-01-08
MT689 1945-01-22
MT660 1945-02-17
PT935 1945-03-01
PV238 1945-03-01
MT769 1945-03-20
MT711 1945-03-30
ML357 1945-04-05
MT685 1945-04-12


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