HOLLAND, Jack Leslie


rank: F/Sgt
status: pow
airforce: RAF    (no: 1398520 )
born: United Kingdom

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From the National Archives AIR/27/2072

Service No: 1398520 Jack Leslie Holland.

22nd January 1945

At 14.10 hours, 6 Spitfires took off to bomb and strafe 200 plus railway carriages between MESTRE and TREVISO. At approximately 14.50 hours, 30 of these carriages were singled out and bombed from 1,500 feet and then a strafing run was made. Mod. Light ack-ack fire came up from the target area. After the strafing attack, F/Sgt HOLLAND, J.L. (1398520) pilot in Spitfire IX J.K. 884, called up by R/T to say that he had been hit and was returning to base. The strafing attack resulted in the destruction of 2 carriages and the damaging of 6 others. By the time the leader of the formation had gained height after the attack, F/Sgt HOLLAND had disappeared from view so at 15.10 hours, the leader called F/Sgt HOLLAND asking for further information. The pilot replied that he was O.K. and was approaching the coast.

The leader called again but this time there was no reply. No position was given by F/Sgt HOLLAND and nothing further was seen or heard after his last call stating he was O.K. and approaching the coast. The remainder of the formation returned to base at 15.35 without incident. As nothing further was seen or heard of F/Sgt Holland or his aircraft, he was reported as MISSING PARTICULARS UNKNOWN and the aircraft Spitfire J.K. 884 as Cat E. 2 – Missing.


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RAF 601


PL372 1944-11-05
PT606 1944-11-06
PT603 1944-11-08
PT368 1944-11-12
PL387 1944-11-21
JK884 1944-11-22
PT600 1944-11-22
MK469 1944-12-04
PL352 1944-12-14
PT835 1944-12-15
PT593 1944-12-27
PT489 1945-01-01
MH540 1945-01-03
PT584 1945-01-15
MJ909 1945-01-17
MK137 1945-01-18
PT370 1945-01-21


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