COUZENS, George Walter


rank: S/L
status: survived
airforce: RAF    (no: 44823 )
born: 1909-05-19 Attleborough United Kingdom

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George Walter Couzens was born at Attleborough, Norfolk on 31st May 1909 and, after serving as an apprentice carpenter, joined the RAF in 1927 as an Aircraft hand. He then trained as a Rigger and later became an air-gunner. In 1933 he was accepted for pilot training and served on the aircraft carrier HMS Courageous in 1935.

Commissioned in April 1940 he joined 54 Squadron at Hornchurch prior to the outbreak of the war and was one of the original members of the Squadron's 'A' Flight with Plt Off Alan Deere and Flt Lt. James Leathart, who were to go on to gain fame.

Plt Off Couzens was involved in the squadron's actions leading up to Dunkirk and later his flying experience of several years saw him responsible for the initial training flights of young pilots joining various squadrons at Hornchurch, among them the Irish pilot Brendan Finucane who was to claim 26 aircraft destroyed by the time of his death in 1942.

Plt Off Couzens served with 54 Squadron throughout the Battle of Britain, leaving in October 1940 to go to Training Command. He was an instructor for the rest of the war. In June 1945 he was awarded the Air Force Cross (gazetted 14th June 1945) and retired from the RAF in September 1946 with the rank of Squadron Leader.

Group photo - 54 Squadron's A Flight. pre- 27th 1940 as Flt Lt. Pearson was reported missing on that day. L to R: Flt Lt Max Pearson, Sgt Jack Davis, Plt Off George Couzens, Flt Lt James Leathart, Fg Off George Gribble, Plt Off Johnny Allen and Plt Off Alan Deere

Battle of Britain Monument London


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RAF 54 Squadron
RAF Instructor Training Command (10/40)


K9893 1939-09-06
K9901 1939-11-03
K9902 1939-11-13
K9881 1939-11-14
K9877 1939-11-15
K9896 1939-11-25


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