Grant, Stanley B


rank: Air Vice Marshall
status: survived
airforce: RAF
born: 1919-05-31 United Kingdom

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Stanley Bernard Grant was born on 31st May 1919 and educated at Charterhouse. He entered the RAF College Cranwell in January 1937 as a Flight Cadet and graduated in December 1938 with a permanent commission.

At the outbreak of war Grant was serving with 65 Squadron at Hornchurch. Over Dunkirk on 26th May
he claimed a Me110 destroyed and on the 27th another Me110 probably destroyed and a Do17 shared. Grant claimed a Me109 probably destroyed on 9th July 1940.

He made his last flight with 65 on 31st July then went to 5 OTU Aston Down next day as an instructor.

He rejoined 65 Squadron at Tangmere on 24th February 1941 and was made a Flight Commander in August.

Grant was posted to 601 Squadron at Duxford in December. In February 1942 he went to Gibraltar in the carrier HMS Eagle, with sixteen Spitfires for Malta, the first to be allocated to the defence of the island. He led fifteen of them off the carrier on 7th March, leaving one behind with engine trouble.

Grant joined 249 Squadron at Ta Kali as a supernumerary squadron leader. He took command of 249 Squadron on 14th March 1942. He probably destroyed a Me109 on 11th March, damaged a Me109 on the 17th, claimed a Ju87 and a Me109 on the 25th, probably destroyed a Ju87 and damaged a Ju87, a Ju88 and a Me109 on 1st April, shared in a Ju88 on the 21st, and destroyed a Regianne 2001 on 10th June.

Awarded the DFC (gazetted 5th June 1942), Grant was posted away to the Middle East on 30th June 1942.

This officer is an excellent fighter pilot. On one occasion he led a force of fighter aircraft over many miles of sea into Malta. On the same day, after his aircraft had been refuelled, he took off and destroyed a Junkers 88.For the rest of the day he remained at the head of his squadron in a series of fierce battles over the island. He has destroyed at least 4 enemy aircraft and damaged many more.”

He returned to Malta later in the year and took command of the Spitfire Wing. He shared a Me110 and destroyed a Ju52 on 11th December.

He was awarded a Bar to the DFC (gazetted 29th January 1943).

In December, 1942, this officer flew the leading aircraft of a formation acting as escort to a force of fighter bombers. During the flight, 63 enemy air transports escorted by 5 twin-engined fighters were intercepted. Leaving the fighter bombers to attack the transports, Wing Commander Grant led his formation in an attack on the enemy fighters, all of which were shot down. This officer, who displayed great dash, destroyed 2 of them. He has participated in many sorties and as a result of his outstanding work, much success has been achieved. He has at all time's proved himself to be an inspiring and courageous leader.”

Grant later went to 203 (Training) Group in the Middle East and in 1944 was at Advance HQ Mediterranean Allied Air Force in Italy as Command Training Officer.

After the war Grant served at the Air Ministry in 1946/47, with Flying Training Command from 1948 to 1954, with Fighter Command in 1955/56, after which he went to SEATO as a Group Captain.

Grant returned to Fighter Command in 1960 and did a course at the Imperial Defence College in 1962. After two years with NATO, 1963/64, as an Air Commodore, he was appointed to the staff of the IDC remaining there until 1968.

Grant's final duty was as Commander of the British Forces in the Persian Gulf. Created a CB (gazetted 1969), Grant retired from the RAF on 6th June 1970 as an Air Vice-Marshal.

He died on 4th July 1987.

Group Photo
65 Squadron at Hornchurch
Flt Sgt. RR MacPherson, Fg Off J B H Nicolas, Fg Off SB Grant, Flt Lt. C G C Olive, Capt. Balfour (Air Ministry), Sqn Ldr. H C Sawyer, Flt Lt. GAW Saunders, Fg Off T Smart, Sgt. JR Kilner

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Squadrons add
RAF 65 Sqaudron Hornchurch (1939)
RAF Instructor 5 OTU Aston Down 1940-08-01
RAF 65 Squadron Tangmere 1941-02-24
RAF 601 Sqaudron Duxford (12/41)
RAF 249 Squadron Ta Kali 1942-03-07


N3161 1941-05-26
AB262 GN-B 1942-03-11

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