Domagala, Marian B


rank: Flt Lt
status: survived
airforce: RAF
born: 1909-03-23 Lublin Poland

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Marian Boguslaw Domagala was born on 23rd March 1909 in Lublin and served in the pre-war Polish Air Force. The circumstances of his escape from Poland and journey to England are currently undocumented but he had arrived by February 1940 and on the 20th he enlisted in the RAFVR.

He held the rank of Corporal when he arrived at No. 1 School of Army Co-operation Old Sarum on 5th July for the 1st Polish Pilots Course, for testing and grading.

He went on to 6 OTU Sutton Bridge and after converting to Hurricanes joined 238 Squadron at Middle Wallop on 5th August. On the 8th he destroyed a Me109 and probably destroyed a Me110 and on the 11th destroyed another Me109.

He was awarded the KW (gazetted 23rd December 1940) and a Bar (gazetted 1st February 1941). He was made non-effective sick on 14th September and although he remained on the squadron he was still non-effective in November.

He was flying again in March 1941 and on the 20th he made a forced-landing at Wimborne, after he became lost when his wireless failed. On 6th April 1941 Domagala was posted to 302 Squadron at Westhampnett.

On 29th April Hurricanes of 302 Squadron encountered Me109's over the Channel coast. Domagala's engine died over Dungeness at 27000 feet and he attempted to glide towards Biggin Hill, the nearest airfield. He stalled and crashed just before reaching the runway. He was unhurt. Domagala moved on 15th September to 317 Squadron at Exeter.

With his tour completed, Domagala went to 58 OTU Grangemouth on 4th February 1942 as an instructor. He was sent to 2 FIS Montrose for an instructors course and did further training courses at 10 FIS Woodley and 25 EFTS Hucknall. He was commissioned in June 1942.

On 12th March 1943 Domagala was appointed as an instructor at 25 EFTS. He was posted to 16 SFTS Newton on 18th December 1944 for a twin-engine conversion course, after which he was a staff pilot there.

Posted away in November 1945, Domagala was released in December 1946 as a Flight Lieutenant. He was awarded a further two Bars to the KW (gazetted 31st October 1947).

Domagala settled in Scotland.

He died in Glasgow on 27th January 1991. His ashes were deposited in Poland.

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Squadrons add
RAF No1 School of Army Co-operation Old Sarum 1940-07-05
RAF 6 OTU Sutton Bridge
RAF 238 Sqaudron Middle Wallop 1940-08-05
RAF 302 Squadron Westhampnett 1941-04-06
RAF 317 Sqaudron Exeter 1941-09-15
RAF Instructor 58 OTU Grangemouth 1942-02-04
RAF Instructors Course 2 FIS Montrose
RAF 10 FIS Woodley
RAF 25 EFTS Huchnall
RAF Instructor 25 EFTS Hucknall 1943-03-12
RAF 16 SFTS Newton 1944-12-18


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