Hoolihan, Patrick G T


rank: P/O
status: kia
airforce: RAAF    (no: 425514 )
born: 1920-06-09 Hughenden Australia

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Service No: 425514

Pilot Officer (PO) Patrick Gordon Thomas Hoolihan, RAAF attached to No. 92 Squadron RAF. A native of Hughenden, Qld, he enlisted on 28 March 1942.

Whilst serving as a pilot with the RAF in the United Kingdom, PO Hoolihan was killed whilst on operations over Italy on 16 April 1945, aged 24. Hit by flak at Medicine. Crashed landed behind enemy lines.

He was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross on 30 October 1945 for his "skill and gallantry on a large number of sorties".

From the National Archives AIR/27/2072 92 Squadron ORB

16th April 1945

The enemy defended themselves stoutly and as a result of intense light flak 4 aircraft were severely damaged - all Cat 2, while W/O P Hoolihan (AUST) who was hit in his on dive and set on fire was last heard saying that he was going to force land " on the Hun side of the line I think ".

Whether he manged to get the kite down successfully and was taken prisoner we don't know. All we do know is that later when the MEDICINA - BUDRIO area was freed of enemy troops CAPT. R JACOBS and F/L R GALVAN spent a whole day searcing for traces both of him and his aircraft. But we still hope he will turn up one day, for he was a fine fellow - a real fighter who never spared himself and was ready to take on anything.


Squadrons add
RAF 92 1945-04-16


JF333 1945-04-16
JF392 1945-04-07
JF398 1945-03-19
JF515 1945-02-22
JF696 1945-03-23
JF712 1945-02-24
JG317 1945-03-02
MT648 1945-03-23
MT665 1945-04-09
MT667 1945-03-16
MT676 1945-03-12
MT772 1945-03-07
MT801 1945-03-06
MT936 1945-03-12

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