Spitfire JF712


model: LFVIII
factory: EA
engine: M66


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FF 24-6-43 45MU 26-6-43 215MU 7-7-43 Fort Nakesley 14-7-43 Casablanca 29-7-43 NWAfrica 1-10-43 Hit by flak Tosina and crashlanded CE 5-3-45

* for acronyms please see Spitfire Production

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Name Date Rank Status
Davidson A H 1944‑01‑02 F/L ok
OCallaghan D 1944‑01‑02 F/Sgt ok
Wearne D 1944‑01‑03 Lt ok
Ross T H 1944‑01‑03 F/L ok
Niven W 1944‑01‑04 F/Sgt ok
Henderson K 1944‑01‑11 Sgt ok
Hay W 1944‑01‑21 F/L ok
Blumer A 1944‑01‑22 F/L ok
Eid A 1944‑01‑24 F/Sgt kia
Thomas G 1944‑01‑24 F/O ok
Parker J 1944‑01‑26 F/Sgt ok
Yarnell C 1944‑01‑28 F/O ok
Colyer T 1944‑01‑29 F/Sgt ok
Ogg J S 1945‑01‑01 P/O ok
Peacock A J 1945‑01‑03 F/Sgt ok
Taylor A D 1945‑01‑03 F/L ok
FRY S R 1945‑01‑04 P/O ok
Cowan R H 1945‑01‑05 Sgt ok
Long D F MK 1945‑01‑11 W/O ok
Wright D 1945‑01‑18 F/L ok
King G M 1945‑01‑18 P/O ok
Wilson K 1945‑01‑21 Sgt ok
Mannion D S 1945‑01‑21 F/Sgt ok
Greenwood B H 1945‑01‑23 W/O ok
Burrow J L 1945‑01‑30 Sgt ok
Aling D R C 1945‑01‑30 F/L ok
Huck T 1945‑02‑04 W/O ok
Doyle J R 1945‑02‑13 Sgt ok
Barton J 1945‑02‑17 Sgt ok
Hoolihan P G T 1945‑02‑24 P/O kia
Barton B 1945‑03‑04 Sgt ok
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