Ross, Thomas H


rank: Flt Lt
status: survived
airforce: RNZAF    (no: NZ133772 )
born: 1921-09-10 Otorohanga New Zealand

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Thomas Hugh (Tom) ROSS

Service Number: NZ413126 and NZ133772

13-Sep-45 DFC Awarded (Flight Magazine)

3-Dec-43 Sgt TH Ross Bf109 probable

Sergeant Ross, who flew a Spitfire with No. 601 Squadron, had an eventful sortie. On patrol over the Pescara area his squadron sighted six Messerschmitts, which at once turned back north.

During the pursuit, Ross was able to catch up with one of them and shoot it down, but while he was returning his long-range petrol tank was hit by flak.

It burst into flames which soon enveloped the Spitfire. Ross baled out and landed safely, only to find himself behind the enemy lines.
Undaunted, however, he set off across country and, after a long and difficult trek, reached his squadron.

Flying Officer T. H. Ross, DFC; born Otorohanga, 10 Sep 1921; farmer; joined RNZAF 25 May 1941."


Squadrons add
RAF 601


EN302 1945-03-25
MA449 1945-04-20
MH540 1945-01-22
MH598 1945-04-10
MJ618 1945-04-03
MJ909 1945-03-12
MK137 1945-01-09
MK239 1945-03-16
MK739 1945-04-09
ML134 1945-03-14
ML405 1945-02-20
PT364 1945-04-01
PT370 1945-01-11
PT489 1945-02-24
PT523 1945-03-24
PT584 1945-01-09
PT641 1945-03-02
PT761 1945-03-09
PV238 1945-03-11
PV300 1945-01-18
RR244 1945-03-23
TA817 1945-04-19
TA862 1945-03-08

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