Spitfire PT761


model: HFIX
factory: CBAF
engine: M70


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33MU 11-8-44 222MU 24-8-44 Queens Park 13-9-44 Casablanca 23-9-44 601S Hit by flak and crashlanded nr Portomaggiore 23-4-45

* for acronyms please see Spitfire Production

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Name Date Rank Status
Hessell G M 1944‑11‑17 F/O ok
O'Halloran B M 1944‑11‑20 F/L ok
Robson P C 1944‑11‑21 P/O kia
Duffie I 1944‑11‑21 Sgt wia
Evans R J 1944‑11‑22 F/O ok
Watford B 1944‑12‑04 P/O ok
Brayshaw L 1944‑12‑04 W/O ok
Proudman H G 1944‑12‑10 F/L ok
Proctor B W 1944‑12‑10 F/L ok
Marriott T 1944‑12‑10 W/O ok
Robertson F J 1944‑12‑14 W/O ok
Stratton W W 1944‑12‑15 W/O ok
Marshall A 1944‑12‑22 Sgt ok
Egerton-Green A J 1945‑01‑01 F/L ok
Watson R A 1945‑01‑11 W/O ok
Vose T J 1945‑01‑18 P/O ok
Waddington W D 1945‑01‑21 P/O ok
McKanna R E 1945‑01‑22 P/O ok
Saunders L A 1945‑01‑22 F/Sgt unknown
Charles A R 1945‑01‑23 W/O ok
Haus H J 1945‑01‑30 F/L ok
Beech J A 1945‑03‑01 W/O ok
Friis G H 1945‑03‑05 W/O ok
Ross T H 1945‑03‑09 F/L ok
Armitage D S 1945‑04‑01 F/O ok
Davidson A H 1945‑04‑07 F/L ok
Riley C W C 1945‑04‑13 Sgt ok
Hyett M 1945‑04‑19 Sgt ok
Lawton M H D 1945‑04‑20 Maj ok
Dawson J 1945‑04‑21 Sgt ok
Sutcliffe A C 1945‑04‑23 F/Sgt ok
Robson P C 1945‑04‑23 P/O kia
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