KOSINSKI, Bronislaw Kazimierz


rank: F/L
status: kia
airforce: RAF    (no: P0298 )
born: 1907-08-26 Bolesławice Poland

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Bronislaw Kazimierz Kosinski was born on 26th August 1907 and was serving in the Polish Air Force when war was declared. He escaped to France after the fall of Poland and joined l'Armee de l'Air. In May 1940 he commanded a flight of Curtis Hawk 75A's, flying from Bourges and providing cover for an aircraft factory there. He shared in destroying and damaging several enemy aircraft.

Kosinski arrived in England on 7th June 1940. He was posted to 307 (Polish) Squadron on 10th September, then forming at Kirton-in-Lindsey, as a Flight Commander. He was posted away to Old Sarum on 9th October and then joined 32 Squadron at Acklington from 5 OTU on the 22nd. He moved to 308 Squadron at Baginton on 22nd December.

He was awarded the KW (gazetted 1st February 1941).

On 24th July 1941 Kosinski was posted to 72 Squadron at Biggin Hill and was awarded a Bar to the KW (gazetted 30th October 1941). He went to 302 Squadron at Harrowbeer on 29th November as a Flight Commander.

Kosinski was killed on 26th January 1942. His Spitfire, AA747/WX-B, was one of four flying in the region of Brest. He disappeared after an attack by enemy fighters and was not seen again, probably lost in the sea.

Shot down by Oblt Erich Leie Stab JG2.

Kosinski is remembered on the Polish Air Force Memorial at Northolt - Panel 31.

He was awarded the VM (5th Class) (gazetted 5th May 1942).

Battle of Britain Monument
Polish War Memorial RAF Northolt


Squadrons add
RAF 307 Squadron Kirton-in-Lindsey 1940-09-10
RAF Old Sarum 1940-10-09
RAF 5 OTU Aston Down (10/40)
RAF 32 Squadron Acklington 1940-10-22
RAF 308 Squadron Baginton 1940-12-22
RAF 72 Squadron Biggin Hill 1941-07-24
RAF 302 Squadron Harrowbeer 1941-11-29
RAF 145 Squadron 1941-07-14


AA747 WX-B 1942-01-26


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