JONES, Frank Everett


rank: F/L
status: survived
airforce: RCAF    (no: J15327 )
born: 1916-09-06 Abbotsford Canada

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From RCAF association ( with permission ...

JONES, F/L Frank Everett (J15327) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.249 Squadron - Award effective 19 September 1942 as per London Gazette dated 13 October 1942 and AFRO 1690/42 dated 23 October 1942. Born in Abbotsford or Cloverdale, British Columbia, 6 September 1916. Home in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Enlisted in Vancouver, 16 October 1940. Trained at No.1 ITS (graduated 4 March 1941), No.4 EFTS, (graduated 4 May 1941) and No.6 SFTS (graduated 27 July 1941). Awarded wings, 27 July 1941. Posted overseas in August 1941, served in No.72 Squadron (November 1941 to May 1942); sent via HMS Eagle to Malta, serving with No.249 Squadron (3 June to 27 October 1942).

Returned to Canada, December 1941 and flew at No.1 OTU, March 1943 to October 1944. On staff of Overseas Headquarters, October 1944 to September 1945. Released 27 November 1945. In all he flew 152 sorties (155.25 operational hours including 85 hours in Malta). Was shot down once, force-landed twice, and several times shot up. Chris Shores, in Aces High (2nd edition) lists his victories as follows: 27 March 1942, one FW.190 damaged; 6 June 1942, one Ju.88 destroyed (Spitfire BR246 coded C-40, shared with another pilot) plus one Re.2001 destroyed (same airplane); 15 June 1942, one Ju.88 destroyed (Spitfire BR119); 9 July 1942, one Bf.109 damaged (aircraft unknown); 11 July 1942, one Bf.109 destroyed plus one Bf.109 damaged (aircraft unknown); 8 August 1942, one Bf.109 destroyed (BP869 coded "E"); 13 August 1942, one Ju.88 destroyed (EP448 coded "F").

See also Chris Shores, Malta: The Spitfire Year.
Flight Lieutenant Jones is a vigorous fighter whose ceaselessness in face of odds has served a praiseworthy example. On one occasion in June 1942, during a convoy escort when his formation attacked a large enemy force, Flight Lieutenant Jones destroyed a Junkers 88. On another occasion he led his section in an attack against twelve enemy planes heavily escorted by fighters. Diving down amongst the enemy formation, he shot down a Messerschmitt 109. Although he was attacked from all sides by many fighters, he skilfully frustrated them and, in spite of damage sustained to his aircraft, he succeeded in leading his section safely to base.


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AD183 72 1941-12-23
BR246 C-40 1942-03-27
BR119 1942-06-15
BP869 E 1942-08-08
EP448 F 1942-08-13


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