Lapkowski, Waclaw


rank: Sqn Ldr
status: kia
airforce: PSW    (no: P1506 )
born: 1913-11-06 Dźwińsk Poland

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Born on 6th November 1913, Waclaw Lapkowski was in the Polish Air Force before the war and was serving with its 112 Squadron at the outbreak of war. On 6th September 1939 he shared a He111 and a Do17 with a He111 destroyed on the 9th.

He subsequently made his way to England, details unknown, and joined 303 squadron on the day it was formed at Northolt – 2nd August 1940. He claimed a Ju88 destroyed on 5th September. On that day he was himself shot down by a Me109 in combat over Gillingham. He baled out, with a broken leg and burns, landed at Hawkwell and was admitted to Rochford (Southend) Hospital. His Hurricane, P2985, crashed at Bonvill's Farm, North Benfleet.

Awarded the VM (5th Class, gazetted 23rd December 1940) Lapkowski did not return to the squadron until 6th January 1941. He returned from a sweep over France on the 22nd with 25 yards of telephone wire round his engine. Lapkowski was awarded the KW (gazetted 1st April 1941) and was wounded on 13th April 1941 and admitted to hospital. Recovered, on 5th May he took command of 303 Squadron, on 4th June he damaged a Me109, on the 8th he destroyed one, on the 22nd two more, on the 24th another and on the 27th he damaged another.

On 2nd July 941 Lapkowski was leading 303, in Spitfire P8596-RF-V, flying with the Polish Wing escorting Blenheims to Lille. They were attacked in mid-Channel by fifty Me109’s coming down from a higher altitude. Lapkowski was shot down. His body was washed ashore and he is buried in Lombardsidje Communal Cemetery, Belgium - Grave 224.

He is also commemorated on the Polish War Memorial at Northolt Panel 39.

He was awarded a Bar to the KW (gazetted 10th April 1946) and two more Bars (gazetted 31st October 1947).

Sqn Ldr Lapkowski flew Spitfire P8507 on the following occasions - 18-6-41/22/6/41/24-6-41.

Battle of Britain Monument
303 Squadron


Squadrons add
RAF 303 Squadron Northolt 1940-08-02


P8331 RF-T 1941-06-04
P8507 RF-V 1941-06-18
P8596 RF-V 1941-07-02

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