Mierzwa, Boguslaw


rank: Plt Off
status: kia
airforce: RAF
born: 1918-03-14 Warsaw Poland

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Boguslaw Mierzwa was born in Warsaw on 14th March 1918 and was serving in the 114th Squadron of the Polish Air Force when war broke out. He flew in combat against the Luftwaffe but escaped after the fall of Poland.

Recent research shows him as serving with the Polish-manned Groupe de Chasse I/145 of the French Air Force, equipped with the obsolete Caudron Renault CR.714 “Cyclone”.

He then made his way to England and joined 303 Squadron at Northolt on 21st August 1940. Mierzwa landed at a decoy aerodrome at Borstal, Chatham after a combat with Me109’s on 7th October in Hurricane P3089. He crashed and caught fire taking off again. He was unhurt.

On 16th April 1941 303 and 601 Squadrons escorted six Blenheims of 21 Squadron detailed to bomb the fighter airfield at Berck-sur-Mer. As they turned for home 303 was jumped by Me109’s over the Channel. Mierzwa and another pilot, who were acting as weavers, were shot down.

Mierzwa was killed when he crashed and burned out on the shore at Dungeness in Spitfire P7819/RF-S. Remains recovered and Spitfire F Mk.IIa P7819 registered as G-TCHZ. Project owned by Martin Phillips and in storage in the Exeter area.

He is buried in Northwood Cemetery - Service Section H Grave 290

Commemorated on the Polish War Memorial at Northolt - Panel 44.

Mierzwa was awarded the KW (gazetted 1st February 1941) and Bar (gazetted 31st October 1947)

Battle of Britain Monument
303 Squadron


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RAF 303 Squadron Northolt 1940-08-21


P7819 RF-S 1941-04-16

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