RADWANSKI, Gustaw Marian


rank: P/O
status: survived
airforce: RAF    (no: 76708 )
born: 1913-05-02 Lodz Poland

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Gustaw Marian Radwanski was born on 2nd May 1913 in Lodz, Poland. He was active in the Scout movement as a young man and led many treks into the Tatra mountains. He was training as a psychologist before entering the Polish Air Force Academy at Deblin and qualifying as a pilot.

It is currently unclear as to how he made his way to the UK and whether he served in the French Air Force at some time. He is recorded as arriving in Britain in late 1939, he was commissioned in the RAF on 24th January 1940.

After assessment and training he joined 151 Squadron on 12th September 1940, moving to 607 Squadron on 3rd October but going after a short time to 56 Squadron at Boscombe Down on 14th October.

Radwanski was posted to 302 Squadron at Jurby on 21st May 1941. He moved to 316 Squadron at Northolt on 16th December 1941. He collided with Sgt. J W Musial (Spitfire W3513/SZ-P) on 13th February 1942. Radwanski (Spitfire AB825/SZ-T) baled out, slightly injured, but Musial was killed.

Awarded the KW (gazetted 19th February 1942), Radwanski was posted away on 16th April to Northolt and later went to Croydon.

On 4th July 1942 he was sent to 16 FTS Newton, as an instructor. After a course at 2 FIS Montrose, Radwanski instructed at Newton until 15th April 1944, when he was posted to HQ Polish Air Force Blackpool.

After a series of moves he went to 61 OTU Rednal on 8th January 1945 for a refresher course. He joined 84 GSU on 28th February and was posted to 317 Squadron in Holland on 11th March 1945 for operations.

Radwanski was awarded two Bars to the KW (gazetted 20th June 1945) and was released in late 1946 as a Flight Lieutenant.

He remained in the UK and resumed his psychological studies.

He died in London on 10th October 1961.

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Squadrons add
RAF 151 Squadron Digby 1940-09-12
RAF 607 Squadron Tangmere 1940-10-03
RAF 56 Squadron Boscombe Down 1940-10-14
RAF 302 Squadron Jurby 1941-05-21
RAF 316 Squadron Northolt 1941-12-16
RAF Instructor 16FTS Newton 1942-07-04
RAF Instructors Course 2 FIS Montrose
RAF HQ Polish Air Force Blackpool 1944-04-16
RAF 61 OTU Rednal 1945-01-08
RAF 84 GSU 1945-02-28
RAF 317 Squadron B.60 Grimbergen 1945-03-11


AB825 SZ-T 1942-02-13


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