GASSON, John Edward


rank: Maj
status: survived
airforce: SAAF    (no: 279804V )
born: 1924-02-17 Capetown South Africa

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John Edward GASSON became CO of 92 Squadron on 10th October1944

Service No: 279804V SAAF

London Gazette 12th June 1945 (Publication Date 8th June 1945 on the website)

Announcement of Bar to DFC:

This officer has displayed the highest standard of devotion to duty in air operations. In April, 1945, he led a formation of aircraft detailed to attack a target in the battle area. In spite of heavy cloud conditions the target was located and a successful attack was made.

Afterwards, Major Gasson reconnoitered, enemy positions in the forward area along the Sillaro river. As a result of his brilliant work several strong points were relentlessly attacked. A self-propelled gun was knocked out, two heavy tanks were destroyed and several more put out of action. Consequently, our ground forces were enabled to push forward and establish themselves across, the river barrier. In this notable sortie Major Gasson displayed skill, courage and determination of the highest standard.

John Edward GASSON was a consultant general surgeon who worked in Cape Town, South Africa. He was born on 17 February 1924.

He had a distinguished military career during the Second World War. He joined the South African Air Force in August 1941, and fought in the Middle East and Italy, becoming a major and the Commanding Officer of 92 Squadron between 10th October 1944 and 25th July 1945.

He was awarded the DFC (the Distinguished Flying Cross) on 28 June 1944, and the DSO (Distinguished Service Order) on 24 March 1945. On 12 June 1945 he was awarded a bar to his DFC.

He was demobilised in November 1945, but enlisted in the South African Air Force Special Reserves in 1947 as a captain. In 1947 he was appointed as flight commander of No 17 Squadron Cape Town, and then commanding officer of No 27 Squadron in 1950.

After the war, he settled in Cape Town, where he became a distinguished surgeon, gaining his FRCS in 1954.

He died 1 February 2010 (this date has been confirmed by Major Gasson's daughter)


Squadrons add
RAF 92 1944-10-10
RAF 92 Squadron 1943-07-13


JG317 1945-01-01
MT773 1945-01-03
JF692 1945-01-04
JF342 1945-01-21
MT689 1945-01-21
MT772 1945-02-22
MT801 1945-03-04
MT768 1945-03-08
JF278 1945-03-10
MT559 1945-03-11
MT648 1945-03-18
MT667 1945-03-20
JF333 1945-03-25
JF584 1945-03-31
JG250 1945-04-03
LV729 1945-04-04
JF515 1945-04-07
MT802 1945-04-17
JG337 1945-04-19
JF392 1945-04-20
MT936 1945-04-24


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