Spitfire JF584


model: VIII
factory: CHA
engine: M63


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FF 7-6-43 6MU 12-6-43 76MU 19-6-43 La Pampa 2-7-43 Casablanca 14-7-43 MedAAF 21-6-45 256S SOC 27-3-47

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Name Date Rank Status
Smith C P K 1945‑01‑01 P/O kia
Huck T 1945‑01‑01 W/O ok
Stevenson D A 1945‑01‑04 F/O ok
Taylor A D 1945‑01‑05 F/L ok
Long D F MK 1945‑01‑20 W/O ok
Burrow J L 1945‑01‑23 Sgt ok
Barton J 1945‑01‑30 Sgt ok
Greenwood B H 1945‑01‑30 W/O ok
Michell A J R 1945‑02‑08 F/Sgt ok
Widdowson S 1945‑02‑17 W/O ok
Hodgkinson T L 1945‑02‑21 Sgt ok
Barton B 1945‑03‑06 Sgt ok
Mannion D S 1945‑03‑09 F/Sgt ok
Peacock A J 1945‑03‑14 F/Sgt ok
Cannam P 1945‑03‑29 F/L ok
Gasson J E 1945‑03‑31 Maj ok
Cowan R H 1945‑04‑01 Sgt ok
Doyle J R 1945‑04‑02 Sgt ok
Jacobs R H 1945‑04‑05 Capt ok
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Comments / Questions:

by: andrea JF584 2016-12-18 20:35:28

According to the Squadron ORB ( AIR 27/363), during February 1944., this plane was a part of 32. Squadron RAF.

by: andrea JF584 2016-12-18 21:08:57

One of the pilots was also F/Sgt. D.A. Cohen,
32 Sq., at 4th of January 1944. According to the Squadron ORB ( AIR 27/363), Reghaia airfield.