WILSON, Thomas Ridgeway


rank: F/O
status: survived
airforce: RCAF    (no: J27745 )
born: Toronto Canada

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Service No: J27745

Thomas Ridgeway WILSON

DFC Awarded 20th March 1945. DFC Citation:

Flying Officer Wilson has completed over 106 sorties, many of them against extremely well defended targets. On several occasions his aircraft has been damaged by anti-aircraft fire but he has invariably pressed home his attacks with excellent results.

Recently, whilst leading a formation of aircraft on a reconnaissance patrol in the heavily defended Vicenza area, Flying Officer Wilson was wounded when his aircraft was struck by shrapnel. Although suffering from shock, partial blindness in one eye and loss of blood, Flying Officer Wilson led his formation a considerable distance back to base. On his first attempt to land, the undercarriage and flaps of his damaged aircraft would not operate.

Showing great determination he made another approach and effected a successful crash-landing. Flying Officer Wilson
displayed a high degree of courage and fortitude throughout.

From the National Archives AIR/27/1818 417 Squadron ORB

30th January 1945

Flying Officer T.R. Wilson, CAN.J27745 of Toronto, Ontario, had a close call today when he was wounded and his aircraft seriously damaged by flak.

Leading a formation on an armed recce bombing mission in the heavily defended VICENZA area, F/O Wilson's aircraft was hit by flak and the pilot wounded above the left eye. In spite of physical suffering and partial loss of sight F/O Wilson flew his riddled craft back to base at the head of his formation without telling them he had been wounded.

Some of the controls of his 'plane had been damaged, and, upon attempting to land, he found his flaps and undercarriage would not operate. Undeterred, he carried out an overshoot, made a second approach and crash landed.

F/O Wilson will be detained in hospital for 48 hours for X-Ray and examination. It is believed his wound is not of a serious nature and he will resume flying after a seven-day rest and leave in Florence.


Squadrons add
RCAF 417 1945-01-03
RAF 241 1945-03-03


JF750 1944-08-01
JF514 1944-08-02
JF675 1944-08-07
JG381 1944-08-11
JF836 1944-08-20
JG329 1944-08-20
JF958 1944-08-21
JF886 1944-09-01
JF931 1944-09-11
MT515 1944-09-18
JG337 1944-11-12
JF932 1944-11-17
JF952 1944-11-19
JF880 1944-12-15
MT665 1945-01-03
MT546 1945-01-10
MT688 1945-01-11
MT711 1945-01-17
MT764 1945-02-17
MT785 1945-02-23
RK886 1945-03-03
SM454 1945-03-06
PT702 1945-03-18
SM445 1945-03-31
PT720 1945-04-07
MJ557 1945-04-09
MH554 1945-04-12
TA866 1945-04-15
MH713 1945-04-17
MK808 1945-04-17
NH599 1945-04-18


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