Jupp, Arthur H


rank: Squadron Leader
status: survived
airforce: RAF    (no: 108022 )
born: 1920-06-20 Horsham United Kingdom

added by: CPSJ

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Date from Date to Squadron Location Rank Age - years months Planes Flown
14-Feb-41 07-Apr-41 EFTS Hatfield, DH School of Flying LAC 20 y 7 m Tiger Moth - Solo on 4th March, 1941
29-May-41 04-Sep-41 No 31 EFTS Kingston, Ontario, Canada LAC 20 y 11 m Battle
11-Oct-41 14-Oct-41 No 53 OTU Llandow, Glamorgan PO 21 y 3 m Master
14-Oct-41 12-Nov-41 No 53 OTU Llandow, Glamorgan PO 21 y 3 m Spitfire
28-Nov-41 15-Apr-42 276 Sq Harrowbeer PO 21 y 5 m Lysander
21-Apr-42 19-Nov-42 130 Sq Perranporth PO 21 y 9 m Spitfire V
19-Dec-42 31-May-43 72 Sq Tunisia, Souk el Arba and Souk el Kharmis FO 22 y 5 m Spitfire IX
10-Jun-43 15-Jul-43 72 Sq Malta FO 22 y 11 m Spitfire IX
16-Jul-43 12-Sep-43 72 Sq Sicily F/Lt 23 y 0 m Spitfire IX
13-Sep-43 11-Oct-43 72 Sq Italy, Tuscino F/Lt 23 y 2 m Spitfire IX
11-Oct-43 11-Nov-43 72 Sq Italy, Naples F/Lt 23 y 3 m Spitfire IX
11-Nov-43 16-Mar-44 324 Wing Training Italy, Goioa F/Lt 23 y 4 m
21-Mar-44 14-Apr-44 Central Gunnery School Egypt, Ballalah F/Lt 23 y 8 m Harvard, Hurricane & Spitfire
27-Apr-44 07-Jun-44 111 Sq Italy , Lago F/Lt 23 y 10 m Spitfire IX
07-Jun-44 19-Mar-45 43 Sq Italy & Corsica, Southern France "Sq Leader
DFC 23 Feb 1945" 23 y 11 m "Spitfire IX then Spitfire VIII"
31-Mar-45 01-Apr-45 Fly Naples, Paris, London Sq Leader 24 y 9 m Dakota
On leave and gets married.
29-Nov-45 30-Nov-45 1335 CU Molesworth Sq Leader 25 y 5 m Oxford
30-Nov-45 06-Dec-45 1335 CU Molesworth Sq Leader 25 y 5 m Gloster Meteor


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