HOWLEY, Roger John


rank: F/L
status: survived
airforce: RAAF    (no: 403670 )
born: 1916-10-07 South Grafton Australia

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On the 19-04-43 Pilot Office R.J Howley, Sergeant Mathie-Morton J.M and Pickering D.R. arrived today (Cyrene) by road from 22 P.T.C for operational flying duties. Flight Lieutenant Howley flew Hurricanes up until March 44 when the first Spitfires started to arrive at 94 Squadron.

Distinguished flying cross


Squadrons add
RAF 94 squadron 1944-04-01
RAF 134 squadron 1943-11-01
RAF 94 squadron 1943-04-01


Flew Hurricanes before March 44. 1944-03-01
MA360 Convoy patrol 'RUBBLE' 36 ships going west. 1944-03-13
JK435 Patrol convoy 'RAVEN' 1944-03-18
JK435 Convoy patrol 'WAGON' 1944-03-21
Search for enemy submarine. Did not sight. 1944-03-22
MH360 Patrol convoy 'numerator' 1944-03-25
JK435 Patrol convoy 'RUMP' 1944-03-29
MA363 Patrol convoy 'VENUS' 1944-04-09
MH977 Escort 12 Marauders to Crete. Target Heraklion. Bombing results not seen. 1944-04-16
JK435 Patrol convoy 'PANNIER' 1944-04-17
Flying Hurricanes this month as well. 1944-05-01
MH703 8 Spitfires to escort Beaufighters to Crete. Attacking Selino Kastelli and Leona. F/O Howley crashed on T/O 1944-05-05
MH558 Bomber escort to Crete. Marauders & Baltimores. Heavy A/A encountered. 1944-05-12
Sweep to intercept low flying enemy aircraft. None seen. 1944-05-14
MA508 Patrol convoy 'CASING' 1944-05-16
JK535 Patrolled convoy 'COCKATOO' 1944-05-19
MA508 Sweep over Crete. No enemy aircraft. Intense A/A fire over Heraklion 1944-05-24
MA363 First light patrol over convoy 'BARRYMORE' 1944-06-14
MH551 Escort to Baltimores over Crete cut short because L.R tank trouble 1944-06-21
MH360 Patrol convoy 'EASTCHEAP' 1944-06-24
MA508 05.40 hours weather recce over Crete for Baltimore mission at 18000ft weather clear 1944-06-27
JK435 Patrol convoy 'GABARDINE' land at Savoia without incident 1944-06-30
MA508 Escort Baltimores to Crete no fighter opposition. 1944-07-05
MA508 7 spitfire escort to Baltimores attacking airfield on Crete. Attacked by 8 ME.109's leaving the island. Two 109's were shot down. One by F/Lt Howley one by F/Lt McLachlan. 1944-07-08
MH360 Patrol convoy 'CINDERELLA' 5 H.M.S going east 1944-07-12
MA508 Patrol 'HANKEY' 1944-07-14
MH558 Scrambled to intercept but plots faded. Ordered to land. 1944-07-20
MH551 Search for Wellington aircraft forced down oversea 1944-07-23
MH705 Scrambled course 270º plot faded ordered to pancake. 1944-07-23
MA508 Scrambled course 360º & carried out sweep east of convoy 1944-08-06
MA588 6 Spitfire sweep over Crete. 6 109's engaged one destroyed two damaged. 1944-08-10
MA508 Sweep Over Crete. No enemy aircraft seen 1944-08-14
MJ328 Scrambled but turned out to be a Mosquito 1944-08-17
MA508 Formation swept Crete for 35 minutes without sighting any enemy aircraft. Moderate flak 1944-08-18
No flying from 27-08-1944 to 18-10-1944 the squadron moving to Kalamaki (Greece) from Savoia (Libya). 1944-08-28
ES191 Savoia to Kalamaki airfield. On landing a fatal accident happened involved 2 aircraft. 1944-10-19
ER501 Scrambled over base. Hostile faded section returned 1944-10-21
ER501 Scrambled bogy turned out to be a Mosquito 1944-10-21
ES191 Kastoria area straffed transport. Trucks left burning & personal killed while leaving trucks 1944-10-22
ER246 Bomber escort Kozani area. 6 M.T destroyed 3 damaged 1944-10-25
ER871 Straffing rail traffic N. Larissa. Flak encountered, NO.2 hit and had to force land. Lt Boshoff returned to base on 30-10-44 1944-10-26
ER489 Straffed railway traffic Salonika area. 3 engines destroyed 1 damaged 1944-10-29
ER501 Flew to Lemnos to escort a D.C.3 from there. No contact made 1944-10-31
EE783 Recce Salonika to Greek frontier. Thick mist 1944-11-02
EE783 Recce of railways between Monastiraki & Skoplje 1944-11-04
EE783 Straffed ammunition train between Veles & Skoplje. 2 engines & 30 wagons destroyed 1944-11-06
MH590 Flew to Lemnos to escort. Rain & 10/10 cloud no contact made. 1944-11-07
ER222 Straffing attack on rail traffic.Skoplje area. 1 aircraft force landed at Larisa owing to lack of fuel. 1944-11-08
ER222 Ordered straff any rail trafic between Veles & Skopjle. No targets seen. 1944-11-10
JK731 Bombing rail traffic at Lipljan. 6 engines and 200 wagons. ME.109 seen and was damaged. 1944-11-12
JK731 Recce Veles & Skopjle areas. 1944-11-15
ER663 Recce over Kukës, Scutari, Podgorica areas 1944-11-18
EE783 Recce over Crete north coast road. 1944-11-21
EE783 Recce to Crete, Heraklion then Kastellion. At Souda bay 88mm was met 1944-11-24
ER525 To Iraklion Crete for operations 1944-12-01
JK408 Aircraft were A/B for Iraklion, Crete but run into bad weather so returned to base. 1944-12-02
JK731 Flew to Iraklion Crete for further operations. 1944-12-04
JK731 Return to base from Iraklion 1944-12-04
JK527 Recce over Tattio airfield for E.L.A.S troops 1944-12-06
JK731 Straffed E.L.A.S positions at Filapappou area 1944-12-07
JK731 Recce Thiva, Athens. 1944-12-08
JK527 Straffed guerilla positions Drosia area 1944-12-09
JK527 Recce for 2 pounder gun. No gun was seen only guerilla troops taking cover in slit trenches 1944-12-10
JK731 Straffing attacks on guerrilla troops on high ground near stadium. 1944-12-10
ER871 Straffed ELAS positions Likavittos hill 1944-12-11
JK731 Bomb gun positions Piraeus 1944-12-15
JK731 Straffing attacks Piraeus. 1944-12-16
ER525 Escort to tanks proceeding to A.H.Q. 1944-12-19
ER525 Section patrolled tanks from Kifisia to Kalamaki 1944-12-19
EE783 Recce for guns around Athens area. 1944-12-21
JK731 Patrol Piraeus & straffing ELAS 1944-12-23
JK731 Armed recce over Piraeus, nothing seen. 1944-12-27
EE798 Straffed houses ELAS strong points. 1944-12-29
EE783 Drop supplies to R.A.F prisoners Amfiklias & Kifisia 1944-12-31
JK406 Carried out supply dropping at Amfiklia. 1945-01-02
JK731 Recce for flares & parachutes, N. Of Eleusis. None seen 1945-01-04
ER525 Straffed M.T around Tatoi, kifisia & Thiva. Destroyed 2 trucks 5 damaged. 1945-01-05
JK731 Armed recce over Sanatorium N. Tatoi.3 M.T destroyed 3 damaged 1945-01-06
EP612 Covered armoured column from Lavrion to Markópoulon 1945-01-08
EP612 Straffed Levàdia forest with unobserved results 1945-01-13
EE783 Another recce for P.O.W's Trikala but again not observe any. 1945-01-19
No serial numbers in log for February 3 flights 1945-02-06
No serial numbers in log for February 3 flights 1945-02-06
Bombing German army camp Milos 1945-02-07
Weather recce to Crete. Bad weather returned 1945-02-09
Recce of conditions of road & rail. Thrace area. 1945-02-27
One flight in March only. Spit.1X "Z" in log. Recce above central Greece. 1945-03-10
Squadron 94 disbanded on 20 April 1945. 1945-04-20


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