FOX, Harold Joseph


rank: F/Sgt
status: kia
airforce: RCAF    (no: R78316 )
born: 1913-07-06 New York City USA

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This pilot flew Spitfire fighter aircraft for the RCAF / RAF (60% of all RCAF personnel served in RAF units at some point) in WWII, this record has come from the database of Mr. Halliday, a Canadian military historian.

This Pilot's entry: cause of death was kia, burial location Malta Memorial, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission ( may have more information on family.

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Harold Joseph Fox, the Son of Harry J. and Anna M. Fox, of Flushing, New York City, U.S.A., joined the RCAF in 1940. He travelled to the UK to complete his training and joined 66 Squadron.

He was then posted to Malta arriving on 9 May 1942.

On 14 May, flying Spitfire BP878, he reported that he had shot down a Bf109 but was then himself shot down. He failed to return from the operation over the sea off Malta and was posted missing presumed killed.


Squadrons add
RCAF 249
RAF 66 Squadron 1941-11-25


P8072 Convoy patrol 1941-12-08
P7843 Convoy patrol 1941-12-13
P8430 Convoy patrol 1941-12-18
P7999 Interception patrol 1941-12-18
P7991 Convoy patrol 1941-12-20
P7991 Convoy patrol 1941-12-21
P7925 Convoy patrol 1941-12-21
P8430 Convoy patrol 1941-12-24
P7991 Convoy patrol 1941-12-26
P8072 Convoy patrol 1941-12-27
P7844 Convoy patrol 1941-12-29
P8072 Convoy patrol 1942-01-02
P8271 Interception patrol 1942-01-14
P7925 Two convoy patrols 1942-01-16
P7993 Taxied into Shelter 1942-01-30
P8271 Interception patrol 1942-02-26
P8138 Convoy patrol 1942-02-28
AB493 Interception patrol 1942-03-23
AB493 Convoy patrol 1942-03-23
AB461 Convoy patrol 1942-03-24
AB496 Convoy patrol 1942-03-24
AB514 Interception patrol 1942-03-25
AB517 Convoy patrol 1942-03-28
AB493 Two convoy patrols 1942-04-02
AB493 Convoy patrol 1942-04-03
AB514 Two convoy patrols 1942-04-10
P7607 Convoy patrol 1942-04-12
AB493 Convoy patrol 1942-04-12
AB493 Convoy patrol 1942-04-14
AB493 Sweep over channel 1942-04-15
AB493 Convoy patrol 1942-04-17
AB493 Cover for Hurricane bombers 1942-04-17
AB493 Rear cover for Hurricanes 1942-04-18
AB461 Convoy patrol 1942-04-20
BP864 Convoy patrol 1942-04-21
AB515 Convoy patrol 1942-04-21
AB519 Convoy patrol 1942-04-22
BP862 Convoy patrol 1942-04-24
AB493 Scramble to Colerne 1942-04-28
Flight from USS Wasp to Malta; Spitfire serial unknown 1942-05-09
BP878 BF109 destroyed; failed to return 1942-05-14


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