rank: F/O
status: kia
airforce: RCAF    (no: J21004 )
born: Canada

added by: kurtis

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This pilot flew Spitfire fighter aircraft for the RCAF / RAF (60% of all RCAF personnel served in RAF units at some point) in WWII, this record has come from the database of Mr. Halliday, a Canadian military historian.

This Pilot's entry: cause of death was kia, burial location Holland, pilot was married, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission ( may have more information on family.

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Squadrons add
RCAF 402


RM758 1945-02-21


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by: kurtis An email from a daughter's friend 2023-11-12 04:48:59

Lieutenant John Carson McAllister was a friend's father and she has had few details about his service. He apparently crashed on approach trying land his battle damaged Spitfire after a reconnaissance mission. I suppose he could have bailed out but the reconnaissance photos would have been lost and the mission a waste. He stuck to his duty and took a chance that didn't work out. She has only vague memories of him but distinctly recalls her mother's reaction on receiving word of his death. It permanently altered the life of everyone in his family. Suzanne was tĥe oldest of his 2 children and went on to live a very interesting life. The least of it but best known was that Leonard Cohen's song Suzanne is about her. Everyone knows her name, very few have heard of her father. Thank you again for keeping alive the name and memory of so many.

reply: pietrzak Fl/Lt. John Carson McAllister 2023-12-07 18:54:10

We are compiling a page to him and I will add some further details if you wish?
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