MONSEREZ, Arthur Joseph


rank: F/Sgt
status: kifa
airforce: RCAF    (no: 61119 )
born: 1922-05-15 Edmonton Canada

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Arthur Joseph Monserez was the adopted son of Alphonse and Clotilde Monserez, of Waskatenau, Alberta, Canada. He was named Arthur after their son who drowned in 1910.

Having joined the RCAF in 1940 he qualified as a Sergeant pilot on 15 July 1941, travelling to the UK the following month. On 8 Oct 1941 he joined 403 Squadron at Martlesham from 58 OTU. While at 403 he was a room-mate of "Screwball" Beurling.

On 15 Jan 1942 he was promoted to Temporary Flight Sergeant. On the 17th he was on a training flight for formation flying and cine-gun practice. It is thought that the undercarriage may have been damaged in a bounce shortly after take-off. On his landing approach the undercarriage did not come down and he started a series of manoeuvres to free it. Flying in to cloud it would seem that he lost speed and fell into a spin. He recovered but at too low an altitude, crashed and was killed instantly. He is buried in North Weald Churchyard, Essex, England. Aged 19.

This pilot flew Spitfire fighter aircraft for the RCAF / RAF (60% of all RCAF personnel served in RAF units at some point) in WWII, this record has come from the database of Mr. Halliday, a Canadian military historian.

This Pilot's entry: cause of death was flying accident, burial location UK, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission ( may have more information on family.

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Squadrons add
RCAF 403


AD317 Training: Sector Reconnaissance 1941-10-16
AD273 Local Flying 1941-10-17
W3426 Local Formation and Cloud Flying 1941-10-17
P7438 Formation and Cloud Flying 1941-10-19
P7438 Local Formation 1941-10-20
W3604 Training: Sector Reconnaissance 1941-10-22
W3604 Aerobatics 1941-10-22
AD258 Practice Interception 1941-10-23
W3604 To Sutton Bridge for air-to-air firing 1941-10-24
AD208 Camera Gun Practice 1941-10-24
AA834 To Sutton Bridge for air-to-air firing 1941-10-26
W3604 Operations: Scramble 1941-10-28
AD208 Camera Gun Practice 1941-10-29
AB981 Camera Gun Practice 1941-10-31
AD206 Patrol Base Below Cloud 1941-11-02
AD317 Convoy Patrol 1941-11-04
W3604 Convoy Patrol 1941-11-04
W3604 Scramble 1941-11-06
AD208 Convoy Patrol 1941-11-07
W3604 Convoy Patrol 1941-11-08
W3604 Convoy Patrol 1941-11-11
AD198 Scramble 1941-11-15
AD121 Convoy Patrol 1941-11-15
AD208 Convoy Patrol 1941-11-18
AD258 Scramble Patrol Base 1941-11-20
AD258 Convoy Patrol 1941-11-22
W3431 Convoy Patrol 1941-11-22
AB981 Cine and Camera Gun practice 1941-11-23
W3431 Convoy patrol 1941-11-24
W3431 Convoy patrols 1941-12-06
R6890 Convoy patrol 1941-12-06
W3426 Practice interceptions 1941-12-07
W3431 Convoy patrol 1941-12-10
W3431 Scramble 1941-12-10
AD208 Cine gun practice 1941-12-12
W3426 Cine gun practice 1941-12-12
R6890 Cine Camera Gun practice 1941-12-13
AD208 Drogue towing Air firing 1941-12-15
W3426 Camera gun practice 1941-12-16
R6890 Aerobatics 1941-12-16
R6890 Local flying 1941-12-16
AD208 Practice interception 1941-12-17
W3431 Martlesham Heath to North Weald 1941-12-24
W3431 Training: Sector reconnaissance 1941-12-24
W3426 Convoy patrols 1941-12-25
W3426 To Sutton Bridge for air firing practice 1941-12-27
W3426 Convoy patrol. Note: ORB has 3421 but no such a/c 1941-12-28
W3431 Convoy patrol 1941-12-28
AA967 Training: Sector reconnaissance and landings 1942-01-05
AD208 Formation flying 1942-01-06
BL337 Operational sweep 1942-01-06
W3431 Air firing 1942-01-10
AB981 Cine gun 1942-01-11
BL337 Cine gun 1942-01-13
AA967 Training: Sector recco 1942-01-14
AA967 From Hunsdon to North Weald 1942-01-14
AD258 1942-01-17


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