COTNAM, Royden Leslie


rank: F/O
status: kia
airforce: RCAF    (no: J26636 )
born: Canada

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Service No: J26636

Royden Leslie COTNAM

From the National Archives AIR/27/1818 417 Squadron ORB

4th January 1945

Another engine failure this afternoon resulted in the death and injury of several soldiers of a local army unit, F/O R.L.Cotnam, (CAN.J.26636), was taking off on a close support bombing mission when his engine failed at 100 feet.

He released his bomb "safe", but it exploded when it struck a building about a mile from the airfield. Cotnam succeeded making a forced landing on the beach and was uninjured.

From the National Archives AIR/27/146 241 Squadron ORB

4th January 1945

In afternoon a 417 Squadron Aircraft developed engine trouble similar to ours on take-off. The pilot jettisoned his bomb just before he belly-landed on the beach, but unluckily the bomb hit an A/A battery HQ Building only 100 yards from the Squadron Headquarters.

The Squadron suffered no casualties but the large building was very badly damaged, 3 soldiers were killed and many more severely injured.

8th April 1945 KIA

From the National Archives AIR/27/1818 ORB

The wind lessened in the late afternoon and the wing became operational once more. F/O Roy Cotnam (CAN J.26636) flying as No. 3 on a dive-bombing (rail cut) mission, exploded in mid-air whilst in the bomb dive, which gives us another inexplicable casualty as no flak was encountered or seen by the other 2 a/c on the mission. Roy's loss is felt keenly as he was one of the most popular boys in the mess as well as being a "S.H." pilot.


The suspicion is that this pilot was one of three killed by faulty bomb fuses:

Charles Peter Keith SMITH
Ronald Edward BARY


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RCAF 417


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JG329 1944-11-06
JF932 1944-11-07
JF952 1944-11-08
JF672 1944-11-10
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JG337 1945-01-10
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JF880 1945-01-21
MT546 1945-01-23
MT625 1945-01-29
JF392 1945-02-04
MT764 1945-02-13
JG197 1945-03-07
MT665 1945-03-31
MT785 1945-04-02
MK951 1945-04-08


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