Spitfire EN396


model: PRXI
factory: CHA
engine: M61


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FF 12-2-43 14-2-43 SF Benson 10-5-43 542S 23-5-43 VASM 10-9-43 univ camera install 106Grp Wastage Pl 18-6-44 1Cam Unit Stapleford 1-7-44 8OTU 28-3-45 to 5934M RAF Halton 15-4-46 SOC rtp 28-4-47

* for acronyms please see Spitfire Production

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Name Date Rank Status
Burniat P G 1943‑01‑04 P/O ok
Furniss D R M 1943‑07‑04 F/L ok
Puttick G W 1943‑07‑16 F/O pow
Fray F G 1943‑10‑22 F/O ok
Searle E G 1943‑10‑24 P/O ok
Bacon E G 1943‑11‑05 P/O ok
Deighton J A D 1943‑11‑23 F/O ok
Lavender J 1943‑11‑25 P/O ok
Graham A R 1943‑12‑22 F/O ok
Buckingham H F 1944‑02‑11 F/Sgt kia
Ibbotson J D 1944‑02‑13 F/O ok
White A J 1944‑02‑15 F/L ok
Mouzon LJ 1944‑02‑24 P/O ok
Dearden J 1944‑02‑29 P/O ok
Turnbull T P 1944‑03‑26 F/O ok
Clark N R M 1944‑04‑25 F/O kia
Clark D J D 1944‑05‑09 F/L ok
Roberts L G 1944‑06‑04 F/O kia
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