Spitfire K9787


model: Ia
factory: EA
engine: MII


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FF 14-5-38 Mkrs trials RAE 5-38 to 6-38 Martlesham Heath 18-8-38 gun install 23-9-38 pyrotechnics 8-10-38 wire trials 19-10-38 spin and dive trials 27-10-38 electric trials 6-1-39 perf trials. Vickers 13-4-39 for incorporation of mods RAE 26-4-39 to replace K9852 as radio trials aircraft 15-5-39 operating trials at Martlesham Heath with K9788 and K9793 Martlesham Heath 15-6-39 fuel cons trials hand and diving trials with 30 different types of fixed pitch props. cockpit hood functioning trials which demo the canopy was difficult to open at 350mph Suggested remedy a second entry/exit door in fus as emergency. Super for install MIII and Rotol constant-speed 3-blade Jablo prop. AMDP Gloster aircraft 23-10-39 FIE shed RAE mods Cv PRIII Type C at 6MU 11-7-40 comparison trials with N3297 (proto Mk III) and fitt 7lb sliding inertia weight on elev control. PRU 1-6-41 FTR ops 30-6-41 FH363.50

* for acronyms please see Spitfire Production

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Name Date Rank Status
Quill J K 1938‑05‑15 F/L ok
Blatchford H P 1940‑08‑22 F/L kia
Wise S G 1940‑08‑23 G/C ok
Parker W B 1940‑09‑08 F/L ok
Wysiekierski Z P 1940‑09‑19 F/O ok
Millen S J 1940‑09‑25 P/O kia
Watts P H 1940‑10‑25 W/C ok
Corbishley P 1940‑10‑26 F/L pow
Illingworth P F 1940‑10‑31 S/L ok
Clark L E 1940‑11‑11 F/L ok
Pim A E P 1940‑11‑14 F/O ok
Miles J S D 1940‑12‑29 F/L kia
Salwey D 1941‑01‑01 F/O kifa
Loasby L D 1941‑01‑04 F/O kia
Chandler J D 1941‑01‑26 P/O kia
Clerke R F H 1941‑01‑29 S/L ok
Suckling M F 1941‑03‑19 F/O kia
Wheeler H N G 1941‑05‑01 F/L ok
Bowes S 1941‑06‑30 P/O kia
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