New Site is Beta


Greetings, this site is ALPHA / BETA, I am looking for Spitfire enthusiasts to help refine the feature-set and user functionality, with a launch in fall 2015 after some weeks of revision and initial testing. I am also looking for assistance from those who may be in a position to load pilot data, both at an initial level (e.g. pilot basics), and, at a much deeper level, matching pilots with the spitfire aircraft they flew. Thanks to permission from Andrew Pentland, the entire list of spitfires are in our database by serial number. For both pilot and spitfire, it's possible to add links (to other resources on the web), add images, add comments, and, create the linkage between pilot and aircraft.

It's an ambitious project, initially you won't find a lot of pilot information, as it's up to users to add pilots (but I'll add a few hundred shortly!). When a user does this, it's also reflected in their profile, for those users that choose to create and maintain a profile. Over time, you'll see the database grow, and we hope that users from all nations add data; Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, the US, and all the nations that contributed to allied spitfire fighter pilots in WWII.

This site, as explained in the about section, has a goal of becoming the complete spitfire pilot database, and, the social features on this site will evolve over time. Please be patient as we make improvements. Other goals are to support memorial projects, and operate this site in a non-profit manner.

With regards to Q&A, apart from the comments ability for pilots, aircraft, users, and articles, a new Q&A system will be integrated once we get past ALPHA / BETA stage. In this system, questions can be asked, users can respond. Since there are many online debates surrounding the spitfire, this could prove interesting.

Thanks again, and, please use the contact us form reached from the bottom of this page for feedback, questions, or if you'd like to volunteer and have questions. If you just want to volunteer and add information, all you have to do is register (your email is never shared), and, click add / edit on any of the existing pages, or, click add pilot to make a new pilot entry. Don't worry about having all the information, you don't need much to start. Let others come along to do their part later.