Family members and Relatives Post the Most


After going live some 10 months ago, it's apparent that relatives of former WWII spitfire pilots are the greatest contributors.

From sons, daughters, grand-children and nieces and nephews who've taken special interests, 8 times out of 10 it's images or additional links for a pilot page (or a whole new entry) added by a relative.

The links section is particularly useful as this site is not trying to duplicate information out there, but, rather to honour each and every spitfire pilot, whether they flew in combat, training, reconnaisance, or other. Many women flew spitfires ferrying them great distances under difficult conditions. The links help centralize all the information available for a pilot.

Family members and enthusiasts are welcome, from all over the world, to post a page on a pilot. Or just add an image. Or ask a question in the comments section and solve a mystery (anyone who follows the pilot will get an email with the question. Feedback always appreciated, there are more features to come. Thanks for checking in.

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by: kurtis Dec 2016 Stats 2016-12-11 01:54:21

As of Dec 2016, we're up to 800 users a month, with a very good (low) bounce rate, and, top countries are the usual suspects, with UK #1 by far 3x nearest traffic of Canada, then, Russia, then the usual mix of US, Netherlands, Australia, etc.