OSLER, Malcolm


rank: Maj
status: survived
airforce: SAAF    (no: 102677V )
born: 1919-03-19 Benoni South Africa

added by: Kevin Charles

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601 Squadron Pilot and Commanding Officer

Malcolm Stephen (Bennie) Osler DFC & Bar was a South African flying ace of the Second World War, credited with 12 aerial victories. (Wikipedia).

He flew Hurricanes with 1 Squadron SAAF in the Western Desert. After a spell back in South Africa he joined 145 Squadron as a Flight commander in October 1943 but only for 2 weeks before taking command of 601 Squadron in Italy.

He shared a Fw 190 on his first active patrol in a Spitfire with 145 Squadron. While with 601 he added to his score.

The South African Military History Journal records his last combat with 601 as “On 15th February 1944 he attacked an observation balloon guarded by two Bf 109s, and shot down all three. He was hit by flak and had to put down on the beach-head landing strip, which was shelled by German artillery. He went into a crater, somersaulting three times, but escaped with minor cuts and bruises, and after 10 days in hospital, (much against his will) he was sent to Sorrento on 14 days leave.” The ORB is different in that though two aircraft were dispatched from the patrol to attack an observation balloon, no balloon was seen and they were intercepted by the Bf 109s that Bennie duly destroyed. The crash landing, according to the ORB, occurred during an otherwise uneventful sortie the following day and Bennie was landing at Nettuno following engine trouble.while the landing ground was being shelled. Finally the ORB notes that despite his injuries he returned to duty, though he does not fly again with 601 and is posted to Advanced HQ DAF on 13th March.

On 29th April 1944 he was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel and received a bar to his DFC.

He died in 1971 at the age of 52.


Squadrons add
RAF 145 Squadron 1943-10-02
RAF 601 Squadron 1943-10-15
SAAF 1 1941-06-25


JF467 Recco of Foggia-Termolo area 1943-10-01
JF417 Patrol bomb line area; shared FW190 destroyed 1943-10-02
JF417 To 79 Gp to refuel 1943-10-02
JF417 From 79 Gp to Gioia 1943-10-02
JF747 Patrol bomb line area 1943-10-03
JF747 Patrol bomb line area 1943-10-04
JF747 Patrol bomb line area 1943-10-04
JF747 Patrol bomb line and Termoli 1943-10-05
JF747 Patrol bomb line and Termoli 1943-10-06
JF747 Patrol bomb line area; note ORB has 477 in error 1943-10-06
JF747 Patrol bomb line at 05:30 in rain and 10/10 cloud 1943-10-07
JF747 Two patrols of bomb line and Termoli 1943-10-09
JF747 Three patrols of bomb line and Termoli 1943-10-10
JF747 Patrol bomb line and Termoli 1943-10-11
JF747 Patrol bomb line and Termoli 1943-10-13
JF714 Sweep battle area 1943-10-14
MA340 Armed reconnaissance 1943-10-16
MA340 Patrol destroyers off Mijet Island 1943-10-16
MA340 Armed reconnaissance 1943-10-17
MA340 Move from Tortorella to Triolo 1943-10-18
MA340 Practice formation; Note ORB has 346 but this is not shown again 1943-10-21
MA340 Armed reconnaissance 1943-10-21
JF701 Armed reconnaissance 1943-10-22
MA340 Armed recce 1943-10-23
EF548 Armed recce; Note ORB shows 448 but no such aircraft 1943-10-25
JF701 Armed recce 1943-10-26
MA340 Armed recce 1943-10-26
MA340 Armed recce; 1 Breda 88 destroyed on the ground and 2 probables 1943-10-29
MA340 Practice formation flying 1943-10-29
MA340 Air test 1943-11-01
MA340 Practice flying 1943-11-01
MA340 Armed recco 1943-11-02
MA340 Armed recco 1943-11-03
MA340 Escort to Kittyhawks 1943-11-06
MA340 Offensive patrol 1943-11-07
MA340 Armed reconnaissance 1943-11-08
MA340 Armed recce 1943-11-12
JF422 Escort to Kittyhawks 1943-11-12
MA340 Armed recce 1943-11-13
JK433 Armed recce 1943-11-14
MA340 Offensive patrol 1943-11-18
MA340 Offensive patrol 1943-11-19
MA340 From base to Termoli LG and back 1943-11-19
MA340 Move from Triolo to Canne 1943-11-26
MA340 Patrol of bomb line 1943-11-27
MA340 Offensive patrol 1943-11-27
MA340 Offensive patrol 1943-11-28
JF447 Bomb line patrol 1943-11-30
MA340 To No. 239 Wing and back 1943-11-30
MA340 Bomb line patrol 1943-12-01
MA340 Two bomb line patrols 1943-12-02
MA340 Two bomb line patrols 1943-12-03
MA340 Two bomb line patrols 1943-12-04
MA340 Bomb line patrol 1943-12-05
MA340 Bomb line patrol 1943-12-07
MA340 Weather reconnaissance 1943-12-07
JF402 Bomb line patrol 1943-12-08
MA340 Bomb line patrol 1943-12-09
JF398 Bomb line patrol 1943-12-09
MA340 Air test 1943-12-10
MA340 Offensive patrol 1943-12-10
MA340 Offensive patrol 1943-12-11
MA340 From base to Bari and back 1943-12-12
MA340 Offensive patrol 1943-12-13
MA340 Bomb line patrol 1943-12-16
MA340 Offensive patrol 1943-12-17
MA340 Offensive patrol 1943-12-19
JF402 Offensive patrol 1943-12-20
JF755 Air test 1943-12-21
JF755 Air test 1943-12-21
MA340 Offensive patrol 1943-12-21
JF569 Air test 1943-12-23
JF674 To 7 SAAF Wing HQ Vasto and back 1943-12-24
JF674 Offensive patrol 1943-12-27
JF701 Air test 1943-12-29
JF565 Offensive patrol 1943-12-31
MA340 Air test 1943-12-31
JF834 Offensive patrol 1944-01-02
JF834 1944-01-02
JF772 Offensive patrol 1944-01-03
JF772 1944-01-03
JF672 Bomb line patrol 1944-01-04
JF672 1944-01-04
JF674 Bomb line patrol 1944-01-08
JF674 1944-01-08
JF674 Bomb line patrol 1944-01-09
JF772 Bomb line patrol 1944-01-09
JF772 Bomb line patrol 1944-01-10
JF772 Two bomb line patrols 1944-01-11
JF772 Bomb line patrol 1944-01-12
JF772 Two bomb line patrols 1944-01-13
JF772 Bomb line patrol 1944-01-14
JF772 Bomb line patrol 1944-01-16
JF772 To Marcianise LG to operate with 5th Army 1944-01-17
JF772 Shipping patrol 1944-01-19
JF806 To Canne LG and back 1944-01-20
JF806 1944-01-20
JF772 Air test 1944-01-20
JF772 Air test 1944-01-21
JF772 Cover to ships and landing forces at Nettuno 1944-01-22
JF772 Patrol beaches 1944-01-24
JF772 Patrol beaches at Nettuno 1944-01-25
JF772 Patrol beaches and convoy at Nettuno 1944-01-26
JF772 Beach patrol 1944-01-27
JG247 1944-01-29
JG247 Air test 1944-01-29
JF772 To Canne LG 1944-01-31
JF772 From Madna LG to Marcianise 1944-02-01
JF772 Patrol shipping 1944-02-02
JF772 Patrol battle area 1944-02-02
JF772 Patrol battle area 1944-02-03
JF772 From Marcianise to Vasto LG 1944-02-05
JF772 From Vasto LG to Marcianise 1944-02-07
JF772 Cover for Mitchells bombing Cisterna 1944-02-08
JF772 Patrol beach area at Nettuno 1944-02-08
JF772 Patrol beach area 1944-02-09
JF806 Escort to bombers over Albano 1944-02-10
JF772 Two patrols of beach area at Nettuno 1944-02-12
JF772 From Marcianise to Canne LG 1944-02-13
JF772 Patrol beach area; 2 Bf 109s destroyed 1944-02-15
JF772 Patrol battle area 1944-02-15
JF772 Patrol; crashed at Nettuno LG 1944-02-16


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