KER, Edgar Andrew


rank: P/O
status: survived
airforce: RCAF    (no: J16824 )
born: 1922-01-05 Fenwick, Hamilton Canada

added by: AdeMottram

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At Pelham Continuation School before the war Edgar was on the shooting team in the cadet corps.

Edgar Andrew “Bud” Ker started as a Sergeant pilot, earning his wings on 20 August 1941, and ended the war in command of 401 Squadron. After a brief spell with 611 he joined 145 Squadron RAF on 6th January 1942, then based at Catterick for training. On 11 February the Squadron entrained for service overseas.

Arriving in Egypt in April they were the first squadron equipped with Spitfires in North Africa. Operational flying started on 1 June. At the end of July Bud was promoted to Flight Sergeant.

From the DFC citation at the IWM: “ This officer has taken part in many operational sorties in the course of which he has destroyed three enemy aircraft and damaged others. In May 1942 when on patrol over Cap Bon Peninsula he sighted a force of more than 18 Me.109s. He succeeded in breaking up the formation and destroyed one of the enemy aircraft. Officer Ker has always displayed great keenness to engage the enemy and continual devotion to duty.” NB this text is from the IWM, I think the date of the patrol should be 1943, not 1942.

After the war Edgar returned to his home town, trained as a chemistry teacher and served Pelham District High School as Principal from 1965 until its closure in 1974.


Squadrons add
RAF 611 Squadron 1941-12-23
RAF 145 Squadron 1942-01-05


AD472 Sector recco 1942-01-07
W3518 Dusk landings 1942-01-07
AA933 GD co-op 1942-01-09
AA933 Formation 1942-01-10
W3518 Formation 1942-01-11
W3796 Formation 1942-01-15
AA933 Battle formation 1942-01-16
W3518 Low flying practice 1942-01-16
W3518 Battle formation 1942-01-17
W3796 Battle formation 1942-01-17
W3518 Formation 1942-01-18
W3518 Aerobatics 1942-01-28
W3518 Attacks 1942-01-28
W3518 Battle formation 1942-01-31
AD472 Battle formation 1942-02-02
W3518 Local flying, landed at York, return from York 1942-02-09
AB324 Patrols 1942-06-08
AB502 Operational sweep 1942-06-11
AR286 Patrol over base (possibly to intercept high level reconnaissance aircraft) 1942-06-25
AB322 Patrol 1942-06-26
AB373 Non-operational flying 1942-07-01
AB373 Non-operational flying 1942-07-03
BP848 Patrol to cover Bostons 1942-07-03
AR321 Interception patrol; met 10 Me109s and 15 Ju88s 1942-07-05
BP848 Top cover to 33 squadron Hurricanes over Alamein Box 1942-07-07
BP959 Top cover to Hurricanes 1942-07-08
BP959 Non-operational 1942-07-09
BP959 Ops patrol 1942-07-09
BP847 Top cover to Hurricanes 1942-07-10
BP959 Top cover for Hurricanes 1942-07-10
BP959 Top cover to Hurrricanes 1942-07-11
BP959 Operational patrol 1942-07-12
AR287 Reconnaissance 1942-07-13
BP875 Patrol over line 1942-07-14
BP875 Top cover to Hurricanes 1942-07-14
BP865 Top cover to Hurricanes 1942-07-15
BP865 Top cover to Hurricanes 1942-07-16
BP865 Two flights as top cover to Hurricanes 1942-07-17
BP865 Sweep over Alamein line 1942-07-18
BP959 Top cover to Hurricanes 1942-07-21
BP875 Interception of enemy fighters 1942-07-24
AB324 Non-operational 1942-07-25
BP865 Top cover to Hurricanes 1942-07-25
BP865 Scramble 1942-08-03
AB207 Practice flying 1942-08-10
AB207 Local flying 1942-08-12
AB146 Practice flying 1942-08-12
BR491 Scramble 1942-08-12
AB207 Practice flying 1942-08-12
AB207 Practice flying 1942-08-13
AB207 Scramble 1942-08-14
BP984 Practice flying 1942-08-14
AB207 Practice flying 1942-08-15
BP847 Scramble 1942-08-17
AB207 Local flying 1942-08-18
BP847 Local 1942-08-19
BP847 Local 1942-08-20
BP847 Scramble 1942-08-20
BP987 From Edcu to LG154 1942-08-21
BP987 Practice 1942-08-22
Practice 1942-08-22
BP987 Top cover and armed recco 1942-08-23
BP987 Top cover to Kittyhawks 1942-08-24
AB146 Top cover to Bostons and Kittyhawks 1942-08-25
BP987 Offensive sweep 1942-08-28
BP987 Top cover to Kittyhawks 1942-08-30
AR290 Scramble. One Me109 damaged 1942-09-03
AR290 Scramble 1942-09-04
AR287 Escort to recco 1942-09-09
AR287 Flight to Dekheila, patrol and return 1942-09-11
AR287 Scramble; fired at Me109 without result 1942-09-13
AR287 Patrol 1942-09-14
AR287 Scramble; one C202 destroyed, one Me109 damaged 1942-09-16
AR287 Scramble; one Me109 damaged 1942-09-16
AR287 Scramble 1942-09-18
AB207 Offensive sweep 1942-09-23
AR287 Escort to 239 Wing 1942-09-25
AR287 From LG154 to LG92 1942-09-26
BR477 Cannon tests 1942-09-26
AR287 Scramble 1942-09-30


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