SCOLLAN, Clyde Russell


rank: F/O
status: kia
airforce: RCAF    (no: J15263 )
born: 1916-01-08 Hull, Quebec Canada

added by: Calvin Wickham

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Clyde Russell Scollan was the son of George & Florence Scollan from Ottawa, Ontario and held a commercial pilot’s license before the war. He enlisted in the RCAF in June 1940, travelling to the UK in July the following year. He joined the newly formed Canadian 416 Squadron as a Sergeant (R53939) in November and spent that winter based in Scotland, not doing very much operationally as the squadron worked up, While with 416 he was promoted to Flight Sergeant, then Warrant Officer and then commissioned in March 1942. On 16 May 1942 he was posted overseas as a potential Flight Commander.

On 2 June 1942 HMS Eagle left Gibraltar carrying 32 Spitfires bound for Malta under Operation Style. On 3 June Scollan successfully landed on Malta and joined 601 Squadron. On 15 June Scollan claimed a Ju 87 probably destroyed. At the end of June the squadron moved to the Middle East, with some pilots completing an 800 mile flight to Mersa Matruh. 601 flew in the defence of the Western Desert.

On 14 July he claimed a one-third share in a Me 109 destoyed; on 4 September a Me109 damaged.

Toward the end of the second battle of El Alamein, on the morning of 10 November Scollan was part of a patrol of six Spitfires on a tactical reconaissance. The patrol was jumped by 8 Me109s. In the dogfight that followed, his plane, EP451, was seen falling out of control and in flames towards the sea in the Sidi Barrani area.

He has no known grave and his name is recorded on the Alamein Memorial.


Squadrons add
RCAF 416 Squadron 1941-11-11
RAF 601 Squadron 1942-06-03


P8275 Search 1942-02-11
P8275 Scramble 1942-02-25
P8650 Patrol 1942-03-01
Scramble. ORB gives serial as P7791 which does not exist. Could be 7777 or 7782 1942-03-10
P8348 Scramble 1942-03-13
P8650 Scramble 1942-03-30
BL804 Scramble 1942-03-30
BL734 Scramble 1942-04-05
BL887 Scramble; ORB gives BL857 but not with 416 1942-04-08
BL937 Scramble 1942-04-27
BL893 Scramble 1942-05-03
BL778 Scramble 1942-05-05
BL932 Scramble 1942-05-12
BL932 Night patrol Peterhead 1942-05-12
BR459 From LG154 to LG Berg al Arab and fighter sweep El Daba - Gatab 1942-07-01
BR136 Return to LG154 1942-07-01
BR363 Air test 1942-07-03
BR175 Cannon test 1942-07-04
BR192 Cannon and Air Test 1942-07-05
BR192 Top cover Hurricanes to Alamein Line 1942-07-10
BR113 Patrol 1942-07-13
BR175 Freelance patrol, battle area and Alamein Line 1942-07-14
BR459 Top cover to Hurricanes over battle area 17,000ft 1942-07-15
AB468 Reccos of 20, 21 and 104 El Daba 1942-07-19
AB468 Standing patrol, battle area, Grid Ref 8727 1942-07-21
BR245 From Idku to LG173 1942-07-26
BR118 To LG85 1942-07-29
BR481 Practice 1942-07-30
BR478 Practice flying 1942-08-01
AB321 Practice Flying 1942-08-02
BR481 Scramble 1942-08-03
BR481 From LG85 to Kilo 8 1942-08-03
BR192 Escort Lockheed to Berg el Arab 1942-08-05
BP977 To Helwan 1942-08-11
BR478 To Aboukir 1942-08-13
BR118 From Helwan to LG154 1942-08-22
BR390 Scramble - Patrol Alamein Line 20,000ft 1942-08-24
AB345 LG154 to Idku; sweep Alamein; landed LG154 1942-08-25
BR363 Cannon test 1942-08-27
BR136 Top cover for Kitty Bombers of 239 Wing 1942-08-29
BR132 Sweep 1942-08-29
BR136 Fighter Sweep over Alamein Line to El Daba 1942-08-30
BR363 Fighter Sweep over Alamein Line 1942-08-30
BR136 Scramble Alamein 1942-08-31
BR134 Top cover to 33 and 238 squadrons 1942-09-02
BR136 Scramble - Alamein 1942-09-03
BR136 Scramble; one Me109 damaged 1942-09-04
BR478 Scramble 15,000ft over Burg el Arab 1942-09-05
BP988 Scramble escort 238 squadron 1942-09-07
AR324 Tac R 1942-09-08
BR478 Scramble - sweep 1942-09-09
BR478 Scramble Tac R and 33 squadron 1942-09-11
BR478 Scramble to intercept recco 1942-09-14
BR136 Cover central section Alamein front 1942-09-16
BR481 Scramble 1942-09-17
BR132 Escort Tac R Hurricanes 1942-09-18
BR478 Top cover with 145 squadron for Kittyhawks 1942-09-18
AB345 To Dekheila and sweep battle area 1942-09-20
AB345 Scramble 1942-09-23
BR134 Collection and air test 1942-09-27
AR329 To and from Dekheila 1942-09-28
BR134 Escort 3 Hurricane tank busters of 6 squadron SAAF 1942-09-29
BR134 Scramble over base 1942-10-01
BR583 Scramble Alexandria 22,000ft 1942-10-02
AB345 Scramble 1942-10-03
AB345 Tac R 1942-10-05
AB345 Scramble 27,000ft for rec. machine 1942-10-07
BR134 Escort - El Daba area 1942-10-09
BR469 Close escort to 48 Hurricanes of 243 Wing 1942-10-09
AB345 Air exercise 1942-10-13
BR977 Top cover to Kittyhawks 1942-10-20
BR583 Scramble over base 1942-10-21
BR583 Scramble 1942-10-21
BP852 Offensive Sweep 1942-10-22
BP852 Offensive sweep - El Daba area 1942-10-24
AB253 Offensive sweep - El Daba area 1942-10-24
BR469 Offensive sweep - El Daba area 1942-10-25
BR469 Offensive sweep - El Daba area; enemy engaged 1942-10-26
BR469 Reconnaissance 8628 area 1942-10-26
BR469 Delousing operations 1942-10-27
BR469 Offensive sweep - El Daba area 1942-10-27
BP977 Top cover to 145 Squadron (ORB has BR but that was shot down off Dieppe) 1942-10-28
BR469 Low level attack on LGs 13 and 14 1942-10-31
BR469 Offensive patrols 1942-11-02
BR469 Scramble - El Daba 1942-11-03
BP959 Patrol Daba - Fuka Road 1942-11-03
BR469 Patrol Daba - Fuka Road, Recco Sidi Haneish 1942-11-04
BR469 Patrol Fuka Road (ORB has 496 but must be wrong) 1942-11-05
BR469 From LG92 to LG21 1942-11-06
EP451 Patrol Armoured cars west of Charing Cross 1942-11-08
EP665 From LG21 to LG13 1942-11-09
EP451 Tac R; enemy column straffed 1942-11-09
EP451 Tac R of 6 aircraft jumped by 8 Me109s;shot down in flames and failed to return 1942-11-10


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