Spitfire R6804


model: Ia
factory: EA
engine: MIII


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FF 23-6-40 6MU 24-6-40 PDU HAL Cv PRIII Type C 25-6-40 FACE 5-5-41 1PRU 6-6-41 Missing from PR mission to Trondheim 27-7-41

* for acronyms please see Spitfire Production

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Name Date Rank Status
Fowler J W S 1940‑08‑03 F/O kia
Watts P H 1940‑08‑08 W/C ok
Wise S G 1940‑08‑14 G/C ok
Millen S J 1940‑08‑16 P/O kia
Hyde-Parker A E 1940‑08‑17 F/O ok
Parker W B 1940‑08‑18 F/L ok
Morgan W 1940‑08‑29 F/L ok
Hood M D S 1940‑09‑30 F/O ok
Panton W 1940‑10‑05 F/O kia
Corbishley P 1940‑10‑15 F/L pow
Forbes J W S 1940‑10‑29 W/C kia
Illingworth P F 1940‑11‑02 S/L ok
Wysiekierski Z P 1940‑11‑08 F/O ok
Wheeler H N G 1940‑11‑10 F/L ok
Clark L E 1940‑11‑15 F/L ok
Arnold K F 1940‑11‑23 F/L kia
Loasby L D 1940‑11‑28 F/O kia
Young M J B 1941‑01‑24 F/O ok
Pim A E P 1941‑01‑31 F/O ok
Dowse S H 1941‑03‑12 P/O pow
Morgan J 1941‑03‑13 S/L ok
Leavitt R F 1941‑03‑24 F/L kia
Mottram R 1941‑05‑03 F/L kia
Greenhill C A S 1941‑06‑11 F/O pow
Swift J F 1941‑06‑20 F/O kia
Densham A R 1941‑06‑23 F/L kia
Suckling M F 1941‑06‑27 F/O kia
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