Mottram, Roy


rank: Flt Lt
status: kia
airforce: RAF    (no: 42870 )
born: 1917-03-28 Harlesden, Middlesex United Kingdom

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This pilot flew fighter aircraft for the RAF in WWII, this record has come from the RAF Archives with a log book reference. The log book is available for viewing in the RAF London archives. The data we parsed includes pilot name, rank, awards, and log book dates - but little else, i.e. country of birth or aircraft flown. We have made country of birth the UK until users edit the pilot listing to make a correction, figuring a majority will be UK pilots. We do have a reference number for the operational log book(s) available in the RAF archives, in London, and the reference numbers include: Log Book accession no. MF10050/16. If a user conducts research on this pilot and can fill in this pilot's biography further by clicking edit, or, can visit the RAF archives to inspect the log book(s) and add any aircraft serials or sortie details, this change will be reflected in your profile as recognition. Let us know if you visit the archives.


Squadrons add
RAF 92 sqn RAF 1940-04-26
RAF 54 sqn RAF 1941-06-18
RAF 92 1940-04-20
RAF 54 1941-06-18


W3712 Roy Mottram KIA 1941-08-31
N3248 First Solo 1940-04-23
P9373 1940-04-27
P9371 1940-04-25
P9374 1940-04-25
N3290 1940-04-26
N3192 1940-04-26
N3265 1940-04-26
N3285 1940-04-29
P9368 1940-05-05
N3250 1940-05-12
N3249 1940-05-13
N3287 1940-05-17
N3193 1940-05-18
P9367 1940-05-28
P9445 1940-06-03
R6596 1940-06-15
N3167 1940-06-16
P9548 1940-07-06
N3193 1940-08-21
N3193 Pilot Officer Roy Mottram from No 92 Squadron was wounded when he crashed and burned his Spitfire I (N3193) after combat September 18th 1940 over Hollingbourne, Kent. 1940-09-18
K9998 P/O Roy Mottram first flight in Spitfire being shot down 1940-09-18 1940-10-13
X4425 1940-10-15
X4484 1940-10-17
R6721 1940-10-25
X4485 1940-10-25
X4555 1940-10-28
X4412 1940-11-01
X4556 1940-11-07
X4618 1940-11-09
N3125 1940-11-14
R6923 1940-12-02
R6924 1941-02-04
R6919 1941-02-06
R6904 1941-02-10
X4057 1941-02-16
X4616 1941-02-10
X4618 1941-02-26
R6776 1941-03-05
R6882 1941-03-13
R6770 1941-03-13
R6904 1941-04-17
X4476 1941-04-17
R6804 1941-05-03
R6908 1941-05-08
X4342 1941-05-16
W3308 last day with 92 Sqn 1941-06-18
R6722 First sortie flight commander A flight 54 Sqn 1941-06-21
R7273 1941-06-22
R7252 1941-06-28
R7266 1941-06-28
R7343 1941-07-07
W3114 1941-07-11
P8744 1941-07-14
P8740 1941-07-17
W3436 1941-07-20
W3502 1941-07-24
P8373 1941-08-08
P8276 1941-08-10
P7746 1941-08-10
P7911 1941-08-18

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