Highlights from Fall 2016


Family members continue to pour content in, and we'll cover some of the highlights. But at the same time it's not all family members, and, we are lucky to have some enthusiasts from all over the world adding content. A frequent poster to this site from Croatia has built a considerable interest in Canadian pilot JM Brodie. He was shot down (whose aircraft still lies in shallow waters) and killed while attacking shore targets. Other family members have added their fathers / grand-fathers to the site, and, in typical fashion, have taken an interest in other members of the squadron and added those pilots as well. This is a sure sign a next project will be to add squadron histories and forums to the site, allowing those who may share an interest in a particular squadron to communicate.

For now, here are some of the highlights;

K. Charles (has added his father and 7 others he would have flown with)

JR Caulton's Grand-son has added some fantastic imagery on Caulton's capture (image top)

Mr. Caulton would love to see more information posted on his grand-father, should anyone have it. For people who "follow" a pilot twitter style, they will receive an email when information is added to the page of interest.

Sammy Sampson (Chile) added by aviation artist Gaeten Marie.

P. Phelps has added 10+ pilots, including his uncle "Chunky" Phelps.

member Jan an author of "World War II Allied Aircraft Crashes in Holland (and North Sea)" - added 2 pilots

P/P Hendrik Cramm added by member 'JoopSiep' has added a number of Dutch pilots

F/L JM Brodie Of particular interest to Mr. Gojak of Croatia, this page details the low level attack and fatal crash in the Balkans.

If you click Pilots on the top nav, and, choose "recently added" you can scroll through recent additions, and, you'll find more.

I have added some Canadians to the mix recently, including;

Jerry Billing A Canadian who kept flying after the war and kept the memory and veteran issues alive.

Tony Golab Perhaps Canada's greatest football player, shot down twice, reconnaissance pilot

F/L Ian McLennan a remarkable person who found himself caught in a merciless air-war in Malta, and went on to great things post-war

There have been other Canadians added, and this particular story is both tragic, and has a continuation today as the tree split during impact (training flight) grows to this day. F/L Barbeau, a hero, to be remembered for his service.

F/L Barbeau Killed in training. During flight aircraft dammage from earlier take-off caused crash.

Pilots from all over the world have been added, from Poland, Holland, South Africa, New Zealand, please click Pilots and scroll through the recent additions, and, if you visit the site every few weeks, you'll likely see new additions.

Kurt (Ottawa, Canada)

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