Spitfire EP309


model: VbT
factory: CBAF
engine: M46


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8MU 14-6-42 21MU 2-7-42 Belmor 5-8-42 Takoradi 13-9-42 Middle East 14-10-42 Shot down by Bf109s nr Medenine 20-3-43

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Name Date Rank Status
Ankon L 1944‑09‑06 P/O kia
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by: andrea EP309 2016-12-12 10:58:03

Yugoslav sources ( qualified , well known air historians) claims that the pilot of this plane was P/O Leopold Ankon.
There were only two squadrons of Yugoslav Spitfires (351 and 352 , so the mistake would be out of question. All of those Spitfires are well documented.
Pilot crashed into the mountain Sv. Ilija becouse of low clouds, after the bombing attack at the road Vrgorac-Župa. KIA.

reply: Kevin Charles EP309 2021-11-15 22:18:30

Hi Andrea. The Operational Book for 601 squadron lists EP309 as failing to return from an operation on 1943-03-17 (I'll e-mail you the entry). But that doesn't mean that the ORB is correct. So I'll investigate and see what I can find out. Thanks.
Kevin Charles

reply: andrea EP309 2021-12-04 08:44:07

Some errors made by myself in hurry,to rectify here.

There were two Yugoslav squadrons within the RAF. 351 sq. equiped with Hurricanes and 352. sq. equiped with Spitfires.
The mountain peak ( the crash site) is Sv. Mihovil and not Sv. Ilija. Sv. Ilija is a little church at the foot of Sv. Mihovil peak.