Adrian Dwyer
Wells-Next-The-Sea NORFOLK United Kingdom

Bio & Interests

Son-in-law of Blagdon Cecil Britton - 145 Squadron DAF

Pilots Added

 Lambert, John,
 Hunter, Alexander,
 Horrell, Arthur, James
 Sharun, Michael, Rico
 Robillard, Joseph, GL
 Fairfield, Edmund, H
 Thalbitzer, Jørgen, Billy
 Svendsen, Axel, Anders
 Watkins, Vivian, Eugene
 Hardy, Richard,
 Hanks, Peter, P
 Goddard, Henry, G
 McLeod, Ian, Douglas
 Warburton, Adrian,
 Burke, Leonard, Joseph
 Tidman, Alfred, Roberts
 Measures, William, Edward Geoffrey
 Haig, John, Galloway Edward
 Pickering, John, Harcourt
 Maxwell, David, Alexander


by: Adrian Dwyer 145 Squadron DAF 1944-45 2021-05-16 11:29:35

I have Blagdon's logbook, modest photo album, flying jacket and a few other bits and pieces (including very fond memories of the few times he talked about life in Italy). I am very happy to share high-quality images of 145 Sqn members who flew with him (nominally from mid-'44 onward). I am very keen to add to my collection of photos of Blag and it would be great to identify other Sqn members. Always happy to talk.